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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Air Show today

The air show was scheduled for Saturday, but after just two maneuvers it all stopped.  They  held it in a shortened format this afternoon.  I read that several of the pilots became ill and that is why it ended abruptly on Saturday.  We had some heavy rains in the middle of the day today, and when the sun finally came out and the rain stopped the planes were in the skies.  

I think I've mentioned that I don't like planes, especially military type fighter planes, but I'll have to say the way they flew them, so fast and so close and with such precision, is a beautiful thing.    You couldn't see it without becoming awestruck.

The rain was so much needed and welcome, and I doubt anyone was annoyed with it.  Tomorrow will be cloudy and I'm hoping we see some more moisture, as the forecast calls for sun from mid-week on.  It has been so chilly that I closed most of my windows - fine thing that I should have done before we used the leaf blower which caused a lot of dust to enter the house.  I started cleaning the kitchen and bathroom the day afterward, but then lost all my steam and motivation.  I haven't been feeling well since, and I think it is related to the dental problems I'm having.  I see the dentist next Friday and will have another molar pulled.  I will need to get a partial lower denture or I won't be able to eat, which means I will lose weight, which I've already started to do.

I got out my sketch pad and drawing pencils today, plus three apples from the fridge, and did a very light drawing that looks pretty decent.  The apples are not the best as a subject for painting, so I will get a few from Bel Air before the next art class.  The trouble is that the best looking ones aren't usually the most tasty, and I will have to eat them in the end.  I sometimes cut up apples and lightly fry them along with (pre-cooked) Aidell's chicken sausage, and it's very tasty. 

I managed to get to Costco this afternoon and picked up a few needed items (including a gallon of ice cream).   I think the big bag of tangerines with their Vitamin C will make me feel better.  Actually the ice cream will make me feel better than anything, but I love tangerines as well and usually eat 3 or 4 of them at a sitting.  I hope I feel better soon, but unfortunately I'm going to feel much worse before I feel better!

I took a few pictures of the rain today (isn't that so Californian!) and need to take the card out of the camera and see what I have.  Maybe I'll post a couple of photos tomorrow.


  1. When we see those fighter jets in the air around here they are just little dots up in the sky but when seen on the flight line with a chance to look into the cockpit they are really something. My highlight was one time one flew right over our house at tree top level and I say the pilot and he saw me as I waved and I got the wing tilt as he flew off. Probably doesn't sound like much but to me it was exciting.
    You got the most important food when you bought ice cream...Any kind, any flavor - Yummmm

    1. When we lived in this area in the 1980's, Mather AFB was in full swing. A lot of the pilots lived in our neighborhood and would fly by at noon and tip their wings to their wives at home. The most beautiful plane in my estimation was the B-52. Every evening when I was driving home from work on Freeway 50, I could see them coming in from the distance and flying so low - that area has since been built up with houses and businesses, but then it was just fields. The B-52's are huge and as bulky as they look, the most graceful plane in the air at that time. It's a wonder I didn't have an accident watching those planes instead of keeping my eye on the traffic!

  2. Ice cream is the best cure for everything!! Especially if it is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

    1. For some reason I have always preferred the basic chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Costco carries a pkg of 2 half gal. containers for $10, and it is delicious ice cream so that is what I buy. I could add stuff to it if I wanted, but I like it plain.

  3. I wonder what would cause several of the pilots to fall ill at the same time. Was it food poisoning?

    I do not know why even now I am surprised when I hear it is raining in California. I guess I can not get that classic song out of my head..."It never rains in southern California".

    I always wanted to move there but deep down I knew it would be hard on my parents to see me so far away. Besides I never had the guts to make the move on my own and now it is a bit late for me :-(

  4. I love planes and air shows! Sounds like some of the pilots may have eaten from the wrong vendor?