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Saturday, October 8, 2016


I'm doing much better than I thought I would, but I am a klutz and can't blame that on the dental work!  I just burned my finger putting something into the oven, and even the aloe plant I applied immediately hasn't taken away the sting.  I guess I thought I would be pain-free today.

While the extraction was harder on me than the last one was, the pain afterward hasn't bothered me much.  Yesterday, of course, it hurt when the anesthetic wore off but today I've been feeling a lot better.  The dentist called me about an hour ago to see how I was doing, and how the pain was going.  I think he is solicitous about all his patients, but there is something else - probably my age - that makes him concerned.  The fact that I have bone loss in my jaw from 8 months of taking Boniva (supposedly to prevent bone loss), and the fact that there is so much infection, makes him seem to worry more than I might have thought.  I'm going to try not to worry since he is doing it for me.  I consider myself pretty lucky to feel as good as I do, although I certainly didn't want to go anywhere except to the mailbox today.

Every morning I wake up around 3 or 4am to go to the bathroom, and when I come back to bed I always look out the window to see what's up in the sky.  I think I mentioned that I can see the constellation of Orion the Hunter, and this morning is was so beautiful I would have liked to sit outside with binoculars to look at it.  I won't do that because while I feel perfectly safe, I don't know what might be roaming the neighborhood.  This is a very exposed location, notwithstanding the supposed security gates.   Like I said, I'm not afraid of anything but I try to be conscious of what is going on around me.   Now that I think about it, I ought to set up my reclining lawn chair, and get my binoculars out, just in case!  Orion is gorgeous these nights, and I have been looking out the same window throughout the night for several years and have never seen anything like it.  I'm lucky if Venus or Mars or Jupiter is in the sky - you can hardly miss those.  Now I need to look up a star chart so I can identify the heavenly bodies besides those in Orion's belt!

I'm so glad I had the soup already prepared and I think that energized me at lunchtime.  This evening i'm baking a beer battered cod filet, to go with some potatos and broccoli smothered in cheddar!  I've been hungry all day long.

Three more days in the 80's and then back to some cooler weather.  I haven't turned on the swamp cooler today but do have the vent open and the fan running.  Not sure it makes much of a difference.


  1. Opps, so sorry about your finger. Aloe almost always does it for me, I'm really surprised it didn't take the sting completely away. Glad that you are feeling so well after the dental work. How can they advertise Boniva if it actually creates bone loss. What is Sally Fields doing? I must say that I think these drug advertisements should be illegal just like tobacco and alcohol.

    1. I remember the sweet little doctor who prescribed it to me in 2006 or so - she thought she was helping me avoid osteoporosis when it has the exact opposite effect on a huge number of women. I got terrible side effects, and found a website of comments from women who took the drug; the website wasn't connected with any doctors, WebMD, or such. I couldn't believe all the horrible things that happened to women from this drug, and it gave me problems I still suffer from. I never see those drugs, Boniva, Fosomax, etc., advertised on TV anymore. I guess Sally Fields wasn't bothered by it, or else she never took it in the first place. I truly believe that doctors (many unwittingly) do more harm than good because they are so aligned with the pharmaceutical industry whose only aim is to make money, and definitely not to make the world a better place. If a drug comes along that actually helps some people, it doesn't mean any thing to them unless they are making a fortune from it. So I think doctors are almost as guilty as drug mfrs and reps, and that's why I stay away from them.

  2. Happy to hear your doing ok. Sounds like you have a dentist that's
    on top of everything. That's not always the case anymore.
    I always find that warm salt water swished in my mouth is a
    great healer, but you probably know that. 😊

    1. Hi Linda. The warm salt water is on the list of instructions given to me by the dentist office. He is a really good one and I'm grateful to have him near. My daughter and her family went to this dental office until the old guy retired and this new one took over. He is the best I've ever seen, and the entire staff worries about your comfort and well-being.

  3. It makes me feel good to hear that there are dentists and other health professionals whose number one priority is the health and well being of their patients. You certainly found a gem.

    I am ashamed to say that the only constellation that I remember (besides the basic ones) in astronomy class was Orion's belt. When I am in Terlingua and being the insomniac that I am, I stay up late at night and gaze at the sky.