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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three apples!

I went to art class this evening and did my 3 apples on a small canvas.  If you aren't into stark realism, then it might look ok to you.  Most of the people in the class including the instructor don't do realism, so I got a lot of encouraging comments.  I suppose it's like several people have told me, and that is if you hear a recording of your own voice you can't believe that is what you sound like.  Maybe art is the same way, and I'm not seeing it as others are seeing it.  Too much for me to figure out!

Next week I'm going to do another trio of fruit, probably lemons, or maybe grapes.

I tried to photograph a couple of my recent sketches today, and neither camera I have would work at all.  I know I need a new camera but I sure hate to spend the money on one.   It won't be easy to find one with a viewfinder as well as a minimum of icons on the back.  I wish they would just use words or abbreviations.   I had several great suggestions and links from readers of the blog and I hope I bookmarked them.  When I found my Fuji camera I felt that I really didn't need a new one, but it looks like I do.

I haven't felt well all day and didn't even get out my pj's and robe until I took a shower at 3pm!  It was so nice being at the class this evening, and all those who attended are so encouraging and helpful.  One of the great aspects to this whole class is that the regulars are so fun to be around.  Many of them are involved with local government and community art projects, so once in a while the talk gets too political for me - not political as in Republican-Democrat - but the kind of local politics that I have no interest in.  But for the most part, they are good, kind, community oriented folks and good company.  Some of them are so talented it just blows me away when they compliment my work, which is definitely not very talented!

I'm getting my hair trimmed tomorrow, and then it feels like I'm going to the gallows on Friday, but it's just the dentist.   I know from the last time I don't recuperate as quickly as I used to from any kind of procedure, so I will be happy if it doesn't take 2 weeks at least to get back on track.  I dread not being able to eat much, but I am stocked up on ice cream which will make poor baby feel a little better!


  1. I have no doubt you are much too critical of your own work. And as long as you're enjoying yourself, that's what counts in my book. I got my hair "trimmed" and I'm lucky I have any hair left at all. Good luck at the dentist.

  2. When I got up this morning I took another look at the apple painting, and couldn't tell if it looks like apples or tomatos! So I think my self criticism is warranted.

  3. If you get too critical of your painting while painting them, you will keep trying to fix things and probably ruin it. Just paint the picture and stop. No artist likes what they have just done but when they go back a year later and look at them, they like them. Keep painting, but only if you enjoy it and yes, ice cream makes everything better.

    1. Thanks, Diz. I needed to hear that. I'm enjoying myself immensely, but I can only laugh at my poor efforts.