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Monday, June 20, 2016

The heat returns!

I sure don't like this hot weather, but it's going to get worse during the coming week.  I plan to just stay indoors and if I need to venture out it will be early in the day.  Except of course, when Jeannie can get to the gym in the evening.

The dermatologist's office called me this morning with the biopsy results on the growth removed from my arm.  Of course it was negative.  I had no doubts as both doctors I saw knew what the growth was from the first look, and they didn't worry at all about it.  One more week until the stitches come out and I will be so happy about it.

I haven't touched a photo or an album today.  I needed a break from it, but during this hot spell it is something I can work on without breaking a sweat.

Does life imitate art, or is it the other way around.  It would be more rational to think that art imitates life, but it doesn't in many ways.

I am admittedly a believer in UFO's and alien visitation, technology, etc.  I've never seen one with my own eyes and probably won't ever see one, but I believe nevertheless.  It really irritates me that lately when I listen to some of my favorite researchers on this subject, I hear them say, "Oh, that's just like in Star Wars where xxx did yyy."  Or, That is the same as in the X Files, when zzzzz".  What the heck is this, that Hollywood and the movies become the models for activity that has probably been around for eons.  No, I should be able to watch Star Wars and say, "Oh, that is just like the UFO that appeared over Missouri, or Texas, or wherever."

I feel great today and am in a wonderful mood, but have to be pissy about something!


  1. You're too funny. Pissy about UFO's works for me. Sure glad we're not stuck in AZ this summer.

    1. I suppose that no matter how hot it gets in Montana it won't match the heat in AZ. I heard someone say it is 95 in ND today. Stay cool. By the way, has Jim recovered from his fall?

    2. Jim is doing great. He was stiff and sore for a few days but his pride was hurt the worst.