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Monday, January 14, 2013

No luck shopping

It was a cold 25 degrees this morning so I sat back and watched Animal Cops Houston until noon.  Picked up a few items from Target and then walked a few stores over to Barnes & Noble.  I had a list of books I was interested in buying, but when I looked through them I just didn't get the buzz I sometimes do when I pick up a new book.

I browsed around the store for a while and then decided to just wait a few days before trying it again.  I love books, but there are days when I'm not interested much in reading - probably my eyes just aren't working right.

Because of the cold I went out dressed warmly; coming out of Target a woman in front of me had on shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and flip-flops!  But that isn't all that unusual in Sacramento - she might possibly wear a long sleeve blouse, skirt, and knee-high boots in July.  That was one of the first things I noticed when I moved here in 1983 - people dress weird sometimes, and totally out of season.  I get a kick out of seeing it, and wish I could be so unconcerned.  My mom raised me with very strict ideas about how to dress for the seasons, wearing a coat or sweater in "pneumonia weather" (first days of spring when the temps pass 65 degrees).  Now I wear a coat or sweater only when I'm cold, but never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  Some old habits die hard.

It's 45 now going up to a high of 48 for the day, and way too cold to put down something to kill the unwanted grass and weeds.  I might as well tear up the whole yard and start all over when the weather warms up.


  1. This cold weather is a pain. We had a high of 45 degrees tomorrow the same. Try not to go out but impossible some times and Fred does need his outs.
    Stay warm.

  2. I think it must be cold all over the world today. I know it was here on the warm and sunny East coast of Texas. This as been an extra cold year here for us.

  3. We were down in the 20's today and we went shopping to get some groceries, and there was a lady in the store with shorts on. I guess it isn't only in CA, IN, has some weird ones too.

  4. If I need to wear a coat I try to put on long pants and closed shoes. But sometimes I catch myself in capri pants, sandals and a coat. Hate to give up summer clothes.

    I was close to an Aunt that worked in Dallas in the 50's and I remember her going to work wearing a hat and gloves. You just didn't go down town without gloves. She eventually started wearing slacks but if she ever wore a pair of jeans I never saw them. She had very definite ideas about how people should dress.

  5. I love that you still adhere to the "no white" rule. ME TOO! My kids think I am goofy, but they go along with me and won't wear their white pumps and sandals before M/Day or after L/Day, just as we were taught. :) Old habits die hard.

    And I have the hardest time getting the kids to wear coats in the winter when they are home. It may be 60 odd degrees by some fluke in January, but it is STILL January, put the dang coat on.

    For years I always suffered terrible coldness, bone chilling, it hurt and it had something to do with my health. I am so thrilled that they at least finally fixed that problem because it is the first time in 30 years I can actually remember not being cold in our home or being in pain going outside in the bluster. It's such a gift and I had forgotten how wonderful winter can be and what an affordable gas bill actually was. ha! So nice.
    Still, shorts and flip flops? I wait until it hits, at least 70 for that. But to each her own.
    Oh and that reminds me - we are off to South Carolina this weekend to take care of business - and I am praying that it is warm enough [60s?] for at least one walk on the beach. I can remember visiting there in year's past and wearing shorts and long sleeve tees to the store to shop for Thanksgiving and then Black Friday gifts. Almost made me want to live there, except I like the sight of snow too much. :)
    Take care and continue your good health, okay? Hugs!

  6. Oh my 48, I'm so sorry. How do people wear short sleeves in such weather??