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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More frustrations

I drove to Best Buy on a cloudy day to see if I could get the "sled" that would allow me to transfer the contents of my old hard drive to my new computer.  The Apple tech told me it should only cost about $15 or 16, but it is actually $40!  I just can't see spending that much money for only one use, but I was told I could buy a crossover cable whereby I could transfer from the iMac to the MacbookPro (and vice versa), and he swore it cost about $6.  I don't believe these guys when they start quoting prices.  Best Buy doesn't have it in stock, but I could drive out to Fry's Electronics and pick it up, providing Fry's has it in stock.  

I've spent a couple of hours this afternoon moving data from one computer to the other via the little USB storage devices.  I found one that had relatively little on it, but it still didn't have enough space to hold my iPhoto collection.  I am using it however to copy and paste my music colletion in iTunes, but it's slow going.  Why wasn't I more careful with that damn glass of water that ruined my beloved old computer?  I don't like the newer software to tell the truth, and it is slightly different from the iMac to the new Macbook!  That's about 3 or 4 months!  The newer software would be great for couples who have their own computers, iPhones, iPads, etc., because it seems like the word of the year is "Sharing".  I don't know anyone who would want to share my files, especially my eclectic music collection.  I'm now listening to Ana Gabriel, who would be known to Mexican music enthusiasts!  But wait!  I also have some dynamite African (Senegal) music collections, Bluegrass, Classical, Grateful Dead, and a lot more.

I just looked out to see wet streets, but I hadn't realized it was raining.  The rest of the week looks like it should be sunny.  

Oh well, back to my file transfers.  My iMac is set up on the coffee table and the Macbook Pro is across the room on a little table by my recliner.  I'm running back and forth! 


  1. wow! love our eclectic music taste... I had no idea... what fun

    When I bought my MacBook Pro at BestBuy... they transferred all my stuff from my Windows Hewlett Packard laptop for free... well, I guess it wasn't free ~ included in the price.

    sure was glad.... not a happy chore for sure. Nice rainy day activity.. ha

  2. Could you get an external harddrive? I have one of those and back-up my computer documents once a month. My documents include pictures and music. I don't have any videos to speak of. It takes awhile to do that but I don't have to hang around.

  3. I like Carolyn's idea of having the Pros do all that stuff now. Just don't have the patience for a lot of that stuff anymore. And, I wish they would stick all that 'Sharing' stuff somewhere too!!

  4. Carolyn's idea is the best, get someone else to to it. But an external hard drive is the next best thing if you can't tie the machines together. Al has the very best reply though about the sharing stuff. Just so Al!! You have brilliant commenters Gypsy.

  5. I agree with the others we have always had them transfer from one computer to the next, saves us a big headache. Hope you get it all done without pulling your hair out!

  6. rotten job but some one has to do it. I have done it a few times.Also with my phone the guy said he would take care of it. He didn't.

  7. What is your back up scheme? I back up my entire computer every night, leapfrogging between two different external hard drives. It doesn't take very long - maybe 15 minutes. I start the process when I am finished with the computer in the evening, and the process is usually finished by the time I have done all my "bedtime" chores and am ready to go to sleep.

    There is a two-minute video about Super Duper, which is what I use, at

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zda6pGH8_1Q .