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Sunday, January 6, 2013


It seems like I'm always having delays for one thing or another.  Steve was going to bring the recliner today and to install the new thermostat, but he has not been feeling well lately and is losing his voice.  I sympathize with anyone who loses their voice, especially if they have to be around others.  Living alone it is bad enough, and I hate it when it happens to me, especially if the phone rings.  So he didn't want to risk giving me something that might get me sick again, and I am content to wait.

I've spent the day watching Book TV and doing genealogy research.  It rained overnight and looked cloudy for most of today so I wasn't inclined to go anywhere.

I heard today that the camphost job at Butte Lake (Lassen) this summer will be available.  I am seriously thinking about it although I hate to commit 3 months of doing it on my own.  The ranger cabin is too small to share it with anyone other than a spouse (or a VERY close friend), so I don't know what I will do.  Something to think about though.  I don't think there is a location in the entire U.S. that has a summer climate more to my liking, the air is clean and the skies full of stars at night. 


  1. Sounds like a great little job for the summer...

  2. Summer + Lassen = Heaven!
    Staying in a cabin that someone else has responsibility for will be a treat from having to maintain your own living quarters. Go for it! ;->

    Virtual hugs,