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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hearing things

I keep hearing things today, such as my doorbell and phones ringing but they turned out to be coming from the television.  There is also a squeak that I hear periodically but haven't figured out what it is or where exactly it is coming from. 

I made some chicken vegetable soup today and it is really good.  I had a small bowl for lunch and am planning on bowl having a large bowl for my supper.  

I think it might just be a sign of age, but I've noticed lately that my legs ache, sort of like when you walk a good distance and aren't quite used to it.  If I had a hot tub I'd be relaxing in it right now.  This is an ongoing thing lately, and I'm thinking about buying some kind of cream to see if it helps - such as Ben Gay but the kind that is odorless.  

I've noticed advertising lately, and received a flyer in the mail today, for a company called "Clear" and their 4G internet device.  They say you can get unlimited 4G internet with no long-term contract, no overage charges, and a 15 day risk-free satisfaction guarantee, for $34.99 a month.  Or I should say "Plans starting at $34.99 a month".  The flyer shows 3 different devices and says you can have home internet you can take with you, which is what I need.  

I'm currently paying $50 or 55/month for the verizon MiFi, which I have never been satisfied with.  I've had a lot of trouble with it, had to have the first one replaced, and now it has to be plugged into a wall outlet in order to work.  I've had it for about a year and it should be working.  It's too bad I lost my 3G MiFi on my trip last year because it was perfect!

I did check out the website which is at:  gotoclear.com/rc84gwd.  You can cut and paste the link if you are interested, and I'd be very interested to know if any readers have had experience with this company or this equipment.  

I'm thinking about going back to an aircard, which I hate to do because they seem more fragile than a unit that sits on a table or desk.  I would really prefer to travel with my own internet connection rather than rely on public/motel connections.  I rarely go to MacDonalds or other public sites, although the Motel 6 connections that are free seem to be ok.  Some of them charge for internet though.

Speaking of aircards, I had AT&T's card several years ago and it worked pretty well and was easy to use as well as to track monthly usage.  Then the card was under Sierra Wireless (or something like that) and it was much more complex to use and didn't give me the usage information easily.

I hate to keep saying the same thing, but why does every upgrade have to involve making the service more difficult to use.  I am going crazy with iPhoto now, a program that I found so easy to use, and to store and access my photos, but with the updated versions it is terribly confusing to perform the simplest operation.

I've complained enough and I think I'm getting hungry.  Later -   


  1. I googeled reviews for clear and according to most of them it does not seem to be a good service. Better be careful. I agree with you about having your own internet. I would be lost without it ;-) when we travelled in the winter nobody had internet but that is about 7 years ago. In the end one guy had satelite internet and we all marvelled that one could sit on the desert and get email or browse the net. After that we had pocketmail for email but you had to find a payphone to use it. Memories!

  2. I've had Verizon for years and also have their hot spot for when we are on the road.

  3. I hate when programs are changed, just when I know how to use it - everything changes. Seems the mi-fi or portable devices only work when I am near a large city. The places I travel or workamp are too far away to get good internet reception.

  4. Do they still make air cards? Everyone just tethers their smart phones now..........

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  6. I go with DD Verizon Hot spot is great, if you get a add on line for $20.00 more a month they will give the WiFi transmitter free and it runs at 4 G. We added it to our acct and they keep our bill the same.

  7. Afraid I don't know what to advise Gypsy. I too feel like all these "upgrades" and new versions of perfectly good programs just make them harder to use.

  8. Have you looked into a service called Millenicom? I have had it for over a year and am very pleased with it. It is a hotspot that will give you 10GB of 3G and 10GB of 4G or 20GB of both for $69.99/mo with no contract.

    I usually get 4G most places including Quartzsite, AZ last month. I also used it with a Sleek booster and was able to get an internet connection in central Oregon last summer.