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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I had dinner at Jeannie & Donald's last night in celebration of my sister Amy's birthday.  When asked what food she wanted, she said hamburgers and sweet potato fries.

The birthday cake is a bit unusual, but represented Amy's preferences - it looks like a hamburger but I assure you it tasted like cake!

I went to Costco this morning but came home as soon as I had found what was on my list.    Weekend driving or shopping just isn't what I like and I still need to go to Barnes & Noble, but it will be early next week.


  1. I just do not believe Donald's cakes. Remind me, does he do this for a living? And if not, why not. I'd love to have you some day just do a blog on the pictures you have of his cakes. They are amazing. I laughed out loud at this one. Thanks!

  2. Donald has talent!. He sure can beat out the cake boss I think.

    I'm with you on weekend shopping.

  3. Wow! What a cake. The talent that he has is just amazing.

  4. Now that one special cake. I'm think'n I would put it in the freezer an' never eat it. Dang, that's talent.

  5. Love that cake. I made Todd a hamburger cake when he turned 16 but it didn't look near that good.

  6. Jumping Jeez! Donald sure has a way with the cake decorating... unbelievable!

    I'm with your sister... burgers and sweet potato fries... man? what else is there... oh, well pie