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Monday, January 7, 2013

Got the flu shot

I left home on this foggy morning and drove the 3 miles to the local UC Davis Med Center for my shot.  There were more people in the waiting room than I expected to see, but once I was called it took only about 2 minutes and I was out the door.

I then stopped at Target, which is always a mistake when I have money - I leave most of my money at the store.  Among other items I bought 3 prs of cheap sweat pants which are great for this kind of weather when you just want something comfortable.  It was 34 degrees at 10 am, and is still chilly out there.

I don't know if it was the shot or the shopping that wore me out, but I just woke up from a nice nap.  The phone woke me up, and it was Jeannie asking me if I want to walk at Mather Field, which of course I do.  Might as well do everything I feel like doing before the trauma of the flu shot kicks in and I can't lift my arm. 


  1. Good Luck! I hope your arm doesn't hurt or ache too bad. My daughter had to get one in nursing school and hers did. But the next day she said it was ok. I have never had one so I don't know.

  2. Oh the sweats, I love in them now with all this global warming. Glad I have so many. But I need to go get the tops.
    Hope the shot doesn't hurt to bad.

  3. I get my flu shot every year. The one thing I do as soon as the needle is out of my arm is I rub the spot where I got the shot, moving the medicine around. And I also keep moving my arm and shoulder around as often as I can. Oh, and I take a couple of tylenol wether I need it or not.... just for good measure. Hope you enjoyed your walk today

  4. Don't get flue shots anymore. Would get the flue the years I did take it. Also, had a friend paralyzed by a reaction to a flue shot. I am sure they have perfected them by now, but I have not got the flue in many years, so why take the shot. I take micronized beta glucan and it seems to keep my wife and healthy.

  5. I just read the hiking blog. I have a new-found respect for you! I also wonder if I would be able to keep going thru the rain and cold like you did. Thanks for sharing your experiences. LG

  6. I'm glad you got the flu shot - I get mine every year and have never had any reactions. Just life as usual afterward. I always get mine earlier, though. Usually November.

    I also haven't had the flu for years.

    Hope you did okay and had no reactions. :)

  7. I'm a growed up man an' all that stuff....git a little "macho" ever once in a while, but when that nurse come at me with a big ol' needle, the old Billy Bob start shak'n an' turn into a little sissy boy right now.