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Thursday, January 24, 2013

More on file transfers

On the way to the library today I stopped at Target and bought a high-speed file share cable.  Theoretically I can simply move the two computers close together and plug in the USB cables, and do a Mac to Mac transfer of files - plug and play, no software to install.  I had intended to just buy another USB flash drive since I think I messed up the one I was using yesterday, but this file share cable will just get it all done much more quickly.  I don't feel like working with it just yet, so I'll probably open it up tomorrow morning.

I returned the Sue Grafton and Margaret Truman mysteries, unread, to the library.  I started on one that seemed interesting, but I could tell after a few chapters there was going to be some heavy violence ahead.  I just don't have the stomach any more for things like that, so I found some mysteries with a witchy theme, that are usually funny, little if any graphic description of violence or gore, and are usually fun to readBest of all, I can close them and go to sleep without thinking of bad things and violence.

I also found an interesting looking paperback in the Friends of the Library book sale - the books all cost only $.25, and I hope to accumulate a stack of them over the coming months to take with me to Lassen.  I can just leave them at the cabin for future camp hosts.

It is raining again and it looks like tomorrow could be more of the same, with full sun possibly next Tuesday.  After a couple of days that crept up into the 60's it's not easy to go back to the 50's now, but it could be much worse.

Even though I'm not transferring music this evening, I'm going to listen to some good tunes, starting with Doc Watson, and then maybe a little of Merle Haggard and Willie, or maybe a classical trumpet concerto!

The calendar says tomorrow is going to be Friday, but don't believe it!  There's a conspiracy somewhere out there.    


  1. Love those library book sales with $.25 books. Great idea to stock up for Lassen. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver to avoid voilence. Mysteries without it are hard to come by. Witchy theme sounds interesting. I haven't seen any of those.

  2. I know nothing about macs, but when I transfer files between computers I just load up one of my large stand alone hard drive (500GB or one Terabyte) and it goes smoothly. I also use these for regular backups of data as no computer is really reliable!

  3. Although I don't read anymore I, like you, am sick & tired of all the violence I see in TV shows & movies. I totally cannot tolerate all that unnecessary violence & that is one of the many reasons I don't watch much television. One of the last books I picked up about 3 years ago started off very violently & I to took it back to the library after only about a dozen pages read. And, that was the end of that!!

  4. This week I've lost track of days, too, but I keep thinking it's a day ahead.

    I don't like a lot of violence anymore, either. My daughter was excited about a new TV show that premiered this week. She loved it, and I turned it off after about 15 minutes. Way too graphic for me. Is this an age thing?

  5. oh, me too... I know you've read where going to local libraries as I travel and buying those 25¢ books is great entertainment... take em back and get some more...

    I'm with you too on the violence and sex... I like fun mysteries ... those Rosamond Pilcher books and Janet Evanovich ... Maeve Bentley ... fun mysteries, to me.

  6. Gypsy, I am reading a book right now I think you would like if you haven't read it. It is by Libby Riddles, she is the first woman to win the Alaska Iditarod. It is called Race Across Alaska. I bought mine at Amazon. You can get them for a penny but pay 3.99 in shipping. Or your library might be able to get it for you. No violence in this one.