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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I love a parade

I love marching bands and drill teams, mounted units and military bands.  The inaugural parade yesterday was just my cup of tea, and I was happy to not have to watch huge balloons, elaborate floats, princess and fantasy themes, etc.  The best band was undoubtedly the Navy Band, although their synchronized marching skills could possibly take second place to the Army.  I loved the Montana delegation on horseback, and there was a Canine Companions for Independence group including some great looking service dogs.

The most beautiful and dynamic group were the Wind-River Ceremonial Dancers which was just one of several Indian groups, the largest of which was that of the Navaho Nation.  Several hispanic groups of dancers were colorful and there was also a very long and beautiful Chinese dragon.  It was definitely a diverse collection of marchers.  The largest had to be Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and with the incredible number of marchers, the rows were absolutely perfectly in sync.  I didn't see one person out of step - Navy take note!

Today I got a pneumonia vaccine as well as one for shingles.  I had requested my Doctor to put in an order for the pneumonia shot and she also included that for shingles.  I was glad because I have often thought I should get it - my mom as well as one of her sisters had shingles and they claimed there was nothing more painful.  I'm not sure if it runs in families, but I'm glad to have the vaccine and hope the worst illnesses are covered with some protection.  My own mother wouldn't know me as I've always been wary if not downright suspicious of the medical profession.  I think my feelings came about at the time drug companies started advertising, which makes it seem like doctors started prescribing more drugs than they had at one time.  With all the nasty side effects of many of the drugs, I just don't like to take them, but vaccines for serious illnesses are a different story for this old gal.

Dinner time - I'm up to about 120 pounds!  Hooray!


  1. yay! oh, to weight 120 pounds again... glad you are feeling so good!

  2. I hate to take prescription meds, too, but I do get all the vaccines. I sure don't want to be that sick when I'm on the road. My mom had shingles, too, and it was terrible and lasted a long time. 120 pounds! You must be feeling stronger and healthier, and I'll bet your clothes are fitting better again.

  3. Had Shingles years and years ago and it was horrid. You sound pretty upbeat. It's the Lassen glow I'll bet. And that 120 pounds. Lookin good no doubt!!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I have never had the Shingles but heard they are horrible, sure don't want them. Was thinking of getting the vaccine for that one myself.

  5. I was proud of the fact that Portland was represented by The Northwest Dragon & Lion Dance Association in the parade.
    Glad you decided to get the shingles shot. I had shingles twice. Once on the left side of my face and the second time on the right side. Very painful.
    Glad to hear you are able to put on a few pounds again.