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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A lucky morning

Before loading the washing machine this morning I did a final check on pockets, and found a $10 bill.  The feeling was like winning 10 bucks on a lottery ticket!

Jeannie & I walked at Mather Field yesterday evening, and later on in the evening I took my blood pressure.  I was surprised at how good the reading was - 117/68.  It sometimes is in the 130-134/75-80 range and I think it must be true that walking helps keep blood pressure low.  I haven't been on b.p. meds since late October when I was hospitalized, and it's wonderful to not have the side effects.

I think that I will go out tomorrow and do some looking - I am going to need a new fridge soon, and also I have a gift certificate at Barnes & Noble - so many books - I'm looking forward to browsing.


  1. One of my favorite things is browsing in a book store:)

  2. To bad the bill didn't have another 0 on the end :)

  3. Glad you had good luck, and yes, walking brings down one's B.P.

  4. I have a habit of leaving things in my pockets while doing laundry too. Usually it's change & ends up making a big clanking noise in the dryer.

  5. Your lucky day it sounds like. I could easily spend the whole day browsing books, especially if the chairs are comfy.

  6. Don't spend your windfall in one place. LOL. Don't you just love finding money that you didn't know you had! Glad you're feeling better.