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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sep. 3 & 4

Monday, Sep. 3:
They were like rats leaving a sinking ship this morning, the long convoy of vehicles trying to get a head start on going home from the holiday weekend. Unfortunately I was walking through the campground making my morning check, and had to eat the dust of all those vehicles.

I may make a trip to Old Station today to pick up milk for one thing. After two days of coffee in my Wheaties I’m ready for a change. It works in a pinch though.

Still undecided as to when I’ll leave. I kept thinking I would stay until Thursday morning, but if there is only a camper or two in the whole place I may leave on Wednesday. I’m ready for electric lights in the evening, although I tried some of the propane lights last night and they shed a soft glow rather than make anything bright. I would like to stay up late for a change, but I get up with the sun and it’s difficult to stay up late.

I just made the rounds of the CG and found a huge log smoldering and smoking at a deserted campsite. The log was very large – way too big to burn as is, and would probably make 6 or 8 good pieces of firewood if chopped. It took me two gallons of water until everything quit sizzling. I lifted the log and watered underneath it plus the bottom side. Tomorrow I’ll make sure it is cold and then toss it over the hillside. Some people don’t think at all. I was driving the golf cart slowly so that I could check the general conditions of each site as I drove by, and give special attention to the fire rings.

There are about 3 occupied sites so far this evening. I don’t like to think about smoldering campfires when there is no camp host to check on things, but I don’t want to stay any longer than Thursday. There simply isn’t enough to do and I’ve read all the books I brought.

Tues., Sep. 4:
I’ve done my 1st campground walk-thru this morning. It seems that rather than getting stronger my legs feel so tired and weak when I do that walk. When I walk at least a mile a day I don’t get the cramps in my legs at night except for once in a while. When I lift a couple of light weights 3x a week my shoulders don’t hurt at night. So I’m not getting leg cramps this week but the arthritis in my shoulders sure is acting up.

I’m just back from Old Station, and I can’t believe my good luck. About 2 miles from the campground, still outside in the National Forest, I saw two bears. They were small – the larger one could have been a small mother, but looked more likely to be the size of a juvenile bear, and the cub was, well, a cub. He or she kept up with the larger one as they ran across the road in front of me and into the forest. In the few seconds it took me to get to where they left the road of course they were out of sight. Beautiful deep reddish brown bears. If there were many campers left I’d have to put the fear of god, or the fear of bear, into them. Many people go off from their campsites during the day leaving coolers and boxes on the tables. Each site has a large bear box, but I guess they are too lazy, or maybe they don’t believe there is a danger. If bears find food in the campground a few times they will become a nuisance and it is likely they will end up dead.

Update for Sat., Sep 8:
Sondra asked a good question about the electric switches and fixtures in the pictures. This is how I answered her:
“At one time there was electricity in the cabin and throughout the campground. I believe the snowy winters and extreme cold & high winds made it more trouble than it was worth, so they ripped most of it out. It's kind of funny to see an electrical outlet drilled into a tree, and some trees still have stray wires hanging.

It was weird going from room to room in the cabin and trying in vain to "switch" on the lights. The propane lamps are in all the rooms, but they give out a soft mood lighting, great for drinking & talking with friends or for romance, but they don't do much for an old single lady with bad eyesight and no romantic interest in sight!”

I'm overwhelmed with all the blogs to read - I don't think I will ever catch up, but at least I'll try to stay current until I take off again. Thanks to everyone who has commented on mine.


  1. Bears are beautiful animals but must be respected. They can knock apart a stump with one swipe of a paw. Even a "love tsp" could be fatal.

  2. All the campground has to do is what was done in one we stayed in. Everyone was told at check in that if anything was found outside the bear box, at night or when they were not in attendance, they would be fined and have to leave the campground. It's the only way to protect the bears from the stupid humans. Guess my sympathies are showing.

  3. I guess I follow way too many blogs. I have difficulty keeping up even if I don't go off somewhere. :(

  4. I'm surprised the propane lamps wern't brighter. I have an Alladin lamp, which has a mantle, and produces the light of a 60 watt bulb from lamp oil. Once the mantle gets hot, it really glows. Neighbors thank I have a generator when the power goes off and I light it up.....the only light in the block.

  5. Maybe you need to get yourself an LED lantern. They rechargeable, battery, or crank ones available.

  6. Stupid people. That's why I wouldn't make a very good camp host. I'd find out who was camped in that spot and track them down and who knows what. Just thinking about that possible fire makes me sick. And having to kill a bear just because people are so inconsiderate, so not fair. Well, guess I needed to vent that out. I know what you mean about getting behind on blogs. I miss one day and I really can't get caught up.

  7. You sure have a lot more patience with people than I do. Nice that you got to see the Bears. Know what you mean by so many blogs. I have slashed my blog reading by about 80% & my blog commenting by about 90%. It just got to be too much & I had to re-shuffle my priorities.

  8. How cool you got to see the bears... nice reward for you after having to "bear with" dumb campers! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. I love your analogies, rats leaving a sinking ship, so funny. I can just picture it in my mind.

  10. As a camp host I can relate to the people who try to burn giant logs in their fire pits. I usually warn everyone that they have to keep the logs within the pit. They all nod yes and then the next day I find these huge logs. That can be a royal pain.