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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wed. Sep 5:

Wed., Sep. 5:
I will be sad to leave here tomorrow, but there really isn’t much to do. I was speaking to a man yesterday who was filling out a back country overnight camping permit, and I mentioned that I was leaving on Thursday as I had read all the books I brought with me. Before he left for his trek he brought me a book by Kenneth C. Davis entitled “Don’t Know Much About The Universe (Everything You Need to Know About Outer Space But Never Learned)”, and asked me to just put it under the windshield of his vehicle when I’m finished. Unfortunately I won’t finish by the time he gets back today, but I will look for that book at the library when I return to Sac. Davis also wrote “Don’t Know Much About Geography”, as well as one on History, and so on. He writes in a style which is really easy for the lay person to read and to understand.

I got out the last clean uniform shirt to put on this morning and discovered it was a size XL. It’s a good thing I’ve hung all the shirts back on hangars instead of leaving them in a wad in the corner.

I was disappointed to see the skies clouding up late this afternoon as there will be no star gazing tonight. I just put the last campfire out and will just turn in early. I had been using a sky chart but was looking at the Fall skies whereas I should have coordinated it with the Summer skies. There isn’t enough space between the trees to see much of an entire constellation anyway, but I had hoped to see Cassieopia (or however it is spelled). It’s the one that looks like a “W” or an “M” depending on your perspective.

Craig returned from his back country trip this afternoon and had his lunch at my picnic table. Wow, what an interesting person he turned out to be. He told me to keep the book “Don’t Know Much About the Universe”, which I’m happy to do as I’m not quite half way through it. Craig is a retired high school teacher of history, among other subjects, and taught at the high school near me quite a few years ago. We had a great discussion on historical topics and I hated to see him go.

I think I have 3 campers here tonight. I may do a turn around the CG tomorrow morning if I have time, and that walk through will finish today’s paperwork.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to come back for a week, although I doubt if I would work a season as camp host unless I find a partner. That’s not likely to happen and I could possibly end up back there next summer on my own. I don’t know what it is about Butte Lake that is such a draw for me. I really love the entire National Park, but to me Butte Lake is magnetic.

Update for Sunday, Sep. 9:
I think this will bring me up to date and I can go back to regular entries next week. I’m waiting for Jeannie & Ara to come by to pick me up for a trip to Costco and then lunch. I am so sorry to have to return the Cannon camera that I recently bought, but it’s started giving me problems. For some reason the LCD display goes black, but I thought since I look through the view finder anyway it wouldn’t matter. A lot of pictures I took turned out to be totally black. I did everything I could to get the display back, to no avail. Donald got it to work yesterday, but I checked this morning and the display is back to black. I will just return it and maybe get the next model up.


  1. Had a good laugh picturing you in an XL shirt. Sounds like you had some really good times as well as a few frustrating ones. So neat to find someone to visit with that has the same interests you do.

  2. Welcome home again...for the second time.
    Thanks so much for the posts of your campground host'n. Interesting and beautiful photos.
    There ain't no way I would ever be a campground host. I do like to mingle with a few folks, but when I'm ready to move out....I'm gone. No holds, responsibility or commitments to a campground.

  3. Really interesting hearing about your camp hosting. It sounds like mostly you liked it and would do it again. XL shirt is hilarious!!

    Sorry to hear about the camera. I can't find one I like with a viewfinder. Those are all to big and heavy and they've stopped making viewfinders in the small pocket size ones. I had a canon that I just loved but it got too old and got a spot on the lens. Of course there is no one in the universe you can pay to just clean that spot off. You have to throw out the camera and buy a new one. SO WASTEFUL!!

    Everything else on it was fine but I just got sick of these big gray spots in all the lovely skies.

    Hope you can find one you like that will work well for a few years.

  4. Maybe they thought you would eat so many "some ores" while you were there that by the end of your stay you would need the extra large shirt.

  5. Disappointing about the cloudy night sky & we have the same problem here with all our trees. It's one of the reasons I like our 6 months in the south-west, clear & open night skys from horizon to horizon. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself at Butte Lake. I've noticed in our travels that certain areas just seem to have some kind of special appeal for some reason.

  6. An XL shirt on your small frame would be like a dress, wrapped twice around your waist and belted? LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. You wearing an XL shirt? I can't imagine what you would look like. lol. I bet you'll need a belt with it.
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