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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another camping trip

I'm just about ready for the weekend trip, with all the gear packed in the car and just waiting for the food & table items. After a delicious supper I need to sit a spell and, then I'm going to make a Billy Bob cake, this time with blueberry pie filling as I couldn't find cherry. I hope the campground isn't too crowded, but it's so close to the metropolitan area and the weather is in a hot streak, so I would imagine it will be full. I'm going to enjoy being with family and not worry about anyone else.

I found the job of my dreams, one just perfect for me, as I would be perfect for the job. I don't want to jinx my chances so I will wait until I hear something more about it to mention the location. I've composed the letter asking for the job, giving my background, etc., and I'll take the draft with me this weekend and get a couple of my kids to critique it. If something can be said in 25 words, I will take 50 to say it, so I need an honest opinion, and I'm sure Steve & Jeanne will oblige.

I think I'm feeling a little better today although my energy is still sapped, but little or no stomach pain. I picked up another Nevada Barr book at the library and am already spellbound after reading the first few chapters. This one takes place at Glacier NP, and all I can say is that if I'd read it when I was there this spring, I would have looked at everything from the safety of my car. I haven't even gotten to the scary parts of the book yet!

I have a couple more of her books from the library but they are written after this one and I prefer to read an author's books in the order they were written. The two additional books take place at Big Bend NP and at Isle Royale at Lake Superior. It is the 2nd book about Isle Royale and I'm going to wait until I've read the 1st one to read this one. I still have Firestorm (Lassen) which I bought on Amazon and which I wanted to take with me over Labor Day but it hadn't arrived by the time I left. Since I own it I can read it at my leisure.

My grandsons called me from NY last night and it made me homesick to see them. The younger one called to thank me for his birthday present which arrived yesterday. He is 4 today, and I've promised to be there for his 5th birthday next year.

I just put the BB cake into the oven and licked the mixing bowl clean as a whistle! I don't make cakes very often any more and it's nice not to have to share the bowl, spoon, etc., with the kids! I have the camera ready and will post a picture of the cake next time.

I probably won't post again until for a couple of days, so let me wish you all a good weekend.


  1. I hope you get that job of your dreams. Get that letter sent in quick before they get a truck full of them. Have fun camping and eating that Billy Bob Cake.