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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogger interface

I think I will drop out for a while - maybe just a few days - but until I can  get a better attitude about the "new" blogger interface.  I just started to write a blog and post a picture of my new computer.  The picture came up fast when I clicked "insert image", but then I could never get it to appear in the blog itself.   I highlighted the picture, the clicked "Add selected" but nothing appeared in the blog.  I tried it numerous times and the whole blog post just disappeared.  I don't need this aggravation.


  1. D..... it!!!!! I do wish people would stop FIXING things that aren't broken!!! All it does is cause a lot of grief. Bloggers have trouble, then followers have trouble 'cause their favorite people don't post. Expletives!
    Good luck, Gypsy.

  2. Can't say that I blame you. If I didn't have Livewriter I would probably have quit blogging long before now. I just hate Blogger.

    You'll just have to comment on other folks blogs and drop hints as to what you are up to.

  3. I'm like Sherry with my dislike for Blogger. Dropped it years ago & went with Live Writer. So much easier once you get around the learning curve. And, I agree with RunNRose about
    if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I do understand the progress aspect, but as I have learned....newer is not always better!!

  4. Well, put me in the same boat with Sherry and Al. If I didn't use live writer I probably wouldn't blog either. Not that I'm doing much of it at this point anyhow.

  5. Just as others have said: "If I couldn't use Live Writer I wouldn't blog at all"

    Especially as I can draft off line, and then post when I have a connection.

    I like that the pictures stay where I put them in Live Writer, and don't run all over the place like in Blogger.

    Happy Trails, Penny.

  6. I haven't noticed any changes yet. I bet we'll get hit later. We use both Live Writer and blogger with no problems at all. I sure hope you blog once in awhile, to let us know when you go camping and where.

  7. I haven't been blogging as long as you but when pictures don't load right or I accidentally delete my writings.....urrrr so frustrating.
    I'll keep watching for your return.
    Keep in touch.

  8. Ditto all of the above. Except I don't know what LiveWriter is Guess I'll Google...

    I do hope you'll stay in touch ! I guess blogger hasn't gotten around to me yet... I dunno

  9. Don't stay away too long. I have trouble with my pictures going where I want them to, it should be easier.

  10. When I first began blogging many years ago I also used Blogger. Even back then they were always changing things and 1/2 the time it didn't work properly.

    Then I switched everything over to Word Press (very easy to switch over to) and have loved it ever since.

    Glad I made the change!