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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two down, three to go

I have been trying for several days to remove the blades from my kitchen ceiling fan. It is so greasy and sticky to touch, I wanted to make it easier for the person who will take the rest of the fixture down and install the new ceiling light. It has been very difficult for me to reach the screws holding the blades in with the size screwdrivers I have, but today I actually removed two of them. My neck hurt from looking up and my arms hurt from holding them over my head, and I think something happened to my knees from the tension of standing on top of the 2-step ladder. I actually held my balance very well though. You can see the 3 remaining blades, plus the manner in which the entire fixture has moved from its original position, no doubt because everything was unbalanced.

Now, should I try to get another one this afternoon, or let well enough alone and try it tomorrow. With no accidents or near misses, I should probably count my blessings and wait until another day.

The last few days have been great - my niece from Milwaukee was in town with her husband and daughter, staying at Jeannie's house. This is the darling niece who took my dental xrays last year, which gave me the impetus to correct a few serious problems. We all had Donald's home made pizza on Sunday evening, and on Monday we met at my sister Amy's house for lasagna. Several of the Central CA relatives drove up for the day, and it was nice to get together. After gathering in large, spacious homes for two days, they came to my place with Jeanne and her family yesterday afternoon. I wasn't sure I could put together enough sitting space but managed to do it. I drove to Jeanne's house this morning to say goodbye for now, as they are leaving for a few days in the Monterey Bay area, including Santa Cruz, which I always thought was a fun, laid back place. I have no interest in going there now, however, but it's great for younger folks.

I haven't blogged for a couple of days because I haven't really felt all that great. I've been noticing an erratic heartbeat now and then, and have had a pain and some swelling in my lower leg. Don't know what it was, but it has eased now and I don't feel any pain when I'm walking.

Tomorrow holds another visit to the eye surgeon, and I hope he tells me something good. My sight is definitely getting better than it was, and I am looking forward to getting glasses to help me read close up plus street signs, which I can't see until I'm nearly past them. I've also driven after dark a couple of times in the past few days and was surprised at how easy it was. Not that I like to do it, nor would I want to drive in a lot of traffic and oncoming lights, but the conditions were just about as good as they could get.

And finally, tomorrow I will also pick up the case of dog food that I ordered. Now to figure out where to store it. Something has to go in my kitchen!


  1. If you use a ladder instead of a 2 step stool, you could lean against it while trying to get the screws out, it would be a lot safer, too.

  2. WOW you have been really busy. No wonder you haven't blogged.

    Good luck on the eye appointment. That heartbeat and leg swelling sound concerning. Hope it doesn't return.

  3. Let the person who is going to take the rest of it down remove the remaining blades! Don't risk a fall!

  4. Pain and swelling like that should be checked. Sounds like it could have been a blood clot.
    Just wipe those other blades off with paper towels,,don't take chances.

  5. Sure hope the irregular heart beat and leg swelling go away. And like was said above, let who ever takes the fan down take care of the blades.

  6. Because I don't want to attract rodents, I keep all dog food/bird food etc. in a metal garbage can with tight fitting lid Would that be a possibility for your dog food? That way you could keep most of it outside in the can. Just a thought.

  7. We keep the girl's dog food in a plastic tub in the bathroom here in the fifth wheel. You be careful.

  8. Please be careful!!! We worry about you! you can get a nice long duster that bends over at the top of a long long handle --- then you can dust them while fully attaached. Sure is cheaper than a broken neck in a hospital stay, right?

  9. You didn't fall off a swivel barstool but don't press your luck! even though you graduated to a step ladder... yer getting too long in the tooth to do this stuff....

    The family time sounds so good. ;)

  10. Nope, I wouldn't be bothering with that fan either if I knew someone was coming to replace it with a new one. My balance is still pretty good but I don't push it anymore by climbing up on teetering things. I don't mind climbing up & down the ladder on the back of the Motor Home simply because it is securely attached to the rig but shakey ladders, chairs, stools, etc are now out....