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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I saw the eye doctor this morning, and he promised to write a prescription for glasses when I go back on March 26. That will give me time to have the glasses made before I leave for NY. It was a short trip from there to pick up the dog food, so I can relax the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow I will try to buy more TSP so I can get started working again.

This is the ceiling fixture with all the blades removed. The ones I took down today went a little easier, probably without all those other blades in the way. The other picture is a close up of the top part of the blade. It is supposed to be white, as you can sort of tell from the edges, but it hasn't been white for years!

As far as letting the person who is installing the new fixture take down the old one, it will be one of my sons or my son-in-law. They do so much for me as it is, and it isn't like I'm paying a stranger to come and get this awful thing down. So now I've done all I can, and the rest of it is sticky enough to be a distasteful job.

Today is a beautiful day except the wind is blowing something fierce. I'm thinking about a nap.


  1. It is sure good that you will be able to get new glasses before your trip. That should help make it more pleasent. Glad you got the blades down without incident.

  2. You're so lucky to have sons and a SiL. We have to pay for everything we have done!

    It's good to hear that you'll finally be getting your glasses.

  3. I second the lucky you to have HANDY sons and SILs.

    Sounds like the doctor thinks all is well with your eyes. I need to get new glasses too maybe you'll inspire me. Although it does make me mad that they seem to charge more to just replace the lenses in the frames you have than to sell you the whole thing all over again. Wasteful IMO.

  4. Yippee - new glasses. You'll be so excited to see that new world out there. I think the nap is a great idea. One a day should always be prescribed.

  5. Right after I moved in here the ceiling fan went out is a hail of sparks in the middle of the night. Scared me half to death, the fan was right over my bed. Not having anyone to take care of it for me I did it myself. They sure are heavey. to put up the new one I had to get my sis to help hold it in place so I could get it on the part that it hangs on, Its a tough job for sure. I know I couldn't do it anymore.

  6. I get my glasses at the dollar tree. If they break, I am just out a buck. They have sunglass readers also.


  7. Good job,,on the fan. I really need to clean mine over my table and i do have that long handled thingy. BUT,,it won't brush off the greasy stuff.