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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'd like to thank all the readers who are continuing to offer suggestions for, and their experiences with, various cell phone plans. There certainly are a lot of choices to consider. I think my main beef is with the phone itself rather than the carrier or the plan. I can't understand why I should have to carry around a phone with so many features I haven't used in the 2 yrs I've had the phone, and I remember cell phones from 10 years ago were much lighter in weight than my current version. There is also the fact that when I travel for several months at a time it's the only phone I will be using, so reducing the minutes is not going to help me all that much.

I was sitting here looking out the front door this afternoon and couldn't believe how dirty it was, thanks to the dog. I know that anyone with a dog understands what they can quickly do to a clean window. Now my sliding doors are clear as a bell and will remain that way until someone walks by with another dog.

I'm watching - one eye on the computer screen and one eye on the TV - a program featuring old video of Peter, Paul and Mary. It brings back a lot of memories, but also anguish that when you look over the 50 years between then and now, and some things haven't changed.

Well, the hot dogs have been delicious. There are 3 left out of a pkg of 8. Really good with the chili!

I'm hoping I can get some order in my house pretty soon so I can take some pictures. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday from top to bottom, but then this morning I wanted to get a 2nd coat of paint on the wall behind the stove. That meant moving the bread machine to the small kitchen table, the microwave to the kitchen chair, and all of the paint supplies strewn all over, to say nothing about the newspapers set down everywhere to catch any paint drips. Funny, but the drips never fall on the paper. Actually, I've been pleasantly surprised at how little it drips at all.

I plan to turn in early tonight, although if someone interesting is on BookTV I'll probably stay up to watch it.


  1. One more meal ought to Finnish off those hot dogs. Hope you have enough chili left:)

  2. Ah... your day was much more productive than mine... which is not unusual for me...

    The weiners are gone from here but found something reeeeally good in their stead. Jack Daniels barbeque beef ... found it at Target!

    So, for someone who was going to eat vegetarian... hah

    The weiners started it...

  3. Donna and I have been using Tracphones for the past couple years, now. You have your choice of several simple phones, and you can get them at places like Walmart. You just buy minutes in advance of use, and we got phones with automatic double minutes for the life of the phone. These have worked very well for us, since we don't use cell phones for anything other than making a call now and then and receiving calls and texts. No contracts, no hassles, manage on the web. Very good way to go for folks like us who don't demand much from a phone.

  4. Hope you get the phone dilemma worked out. It is definitely true that the goal of every electronic thing seems to be to make it more and more complicated with more and more bells and whistles.

    I have never had cable but sure would like to watch book tv.

  5. I had a hot dog for dinner last night also. But I had mine with corn and no bun. My phone is a smart phone and I know how to make it work so that's all that matters to me.

  6. It seems I only remember the good times when I listen to P,P,& M! The first time I saw them in concert was right after I graduated from high school. They gave a concert at McCormick Place in Chicago. The seats I could afford were so far back that they looked like little black ants on the stage. :)

  7. Never cared for hot dogs, but one time had a terrible craving for em...stuffed myself with them for days.
    Take care of yourself,now...

  8. I am glad that both my wife and kept our old cell phones. Also, had texting turned off. They are both just phones for talking, only.