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Friday, February 17, 2012

Foiled again

This was about the 4th or 5th time I've tried to find the liquid TSP at Home Depot and it still isn't on the shelves. I then went to Lowes and they were out of it as well, as was K-Mart. I may have to eventually find a paint store.

I did buy something I've been wanting to try out - a Brita bottle. You fill it with tap water, put the cap on the bottle (the cap contains the slim filter), and you're good to go. It has the sport top that I'm not crazy about - you have to squeeze the bottle to get the liquid out and into your mouth. I've always preferred the regular screw on cap. The directions that came with the bottle said to fill it with water and squeeze all the water out to get rid of the loose carbon particles in the filter. I don't always follow directions to the letter, but I'm glad I did on this one. The first third of the bottle came out very black from said particles, but the rest of it came out clean and clear. I refilled the bottle and put it in the fridge so it's ready to use.

I think it mostly removes chlorine taste and smell from tap water, plus "Class VI Particulates", whatever they are. I'm happy with that because when I travel I hate the chlorine that's always noticeable in tap water. I'd much rather filter the tap water than to pay Coca, Pepsi, or Nestle's for the privilege of buying their filtered tap water.

The sun is bright today and I think I'll walk Lady soon. I've been letting her off leash to do her business in the grassy area between the fence and the road, but this morning she kept wanting to cross the roadway and go into the dirt area that extends over to the industrial section. I take her there once in a while, but she always picks up something in her paw and comes away limping, so I kept pulling her back and threatening to put the leash back on. Damn stubborn dog wouldn't listen, so I used the leash the rest of the way. I think her few days of a little freedom have gone to her head and those days are just about over. For some reason she has really been irritating me lately - don't know if it's me or if it's her.


  1. My guess, it's you, not Lady! :) You're probably antsy about painting or something...

  2. My wife has two PUR pitchers that filter the water. She keeps them in the refrigerator. I'm on the other hand, drink water from the tap which comes from our own well.

  3. Hmmmm either the company has had a slow down or everyone within miles of all the stores has spring painting fever in February. Good luck finding some.

    Did HD, Lowes or Kmart say when they thought they'd have it in??? Or don't clerks work in those stores anymore except at the check out counter where they only know how to use a scanner and don't know anything about the things they sell or how to make change? Oppps there's the curmudgeon again........sorry.

  4. Those must be the bottles in the TV ad that has a woman offering the bottled water from the mall to an Eskimo in the frozen north:)

  5. I can see using that bottle when travelling but just to get the smell of chlorine out you can just keep an OPEN bottle or pitcher. After awhile the chlorine smell is gone. We do that when we are at out daughter's place who has city water. We are on our own well at home.

  6. I've used a paragon filter for 20 years or so, it plugs onto your faucet and the water goes thru it. Lasts one person like me, for years. lol Ive used maybe 3 in that many years.

  7. YEAAAAAAAAA,,,no double word verification!!!!