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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good shopping deals today

As soon as I thought the morning commute was over I got on the freeway to drive to the Sacramento Food Coop. It is senior appreciation day, which means 10% discount on all purchases. I actually bought more vegetables than anything else, and my supper menu will feature greens and cornbread! The greens will include collards, kale, and red chard, and I'm not sure what seasonings I'll use this time - but I always include a little cayenne.

I took this photo of the red chard when I was washing the greens. I think it is the most beautiful vegetable, with the deep green color and red veins and stalks, and is prettier than many houseplants.

I couldn't make up my mind which of two photos I would use, so I'm showing you both of them. I normally don't post food pictures, but I'm making an exception today.

I stopped at the customer service desk on the way out to inquire about buying dog food by the case. They carry the Castor & Pollux brand I feed Lady, and the shelf price is fairly close to what I pay at Petsmart. I found that if I ordered a case that consists of four bags, I would get a 15% discount plus an additional 10% for seniors day discount. Of course I did just that. They will call me when the order arrives, and Lady should be set for a while.

The morning is sunny although it is very windy, and the drive was ok. The traffic was heavier than I expected, both ways, but I did fine. I'd take Folsom Blvd except I would run into traffic jams at Sac State University, so the freeway was much quicker and easier.

Shortly after getting a couple of comments yesterday that there was a problem with the link to Susan's blog, I fixed the link and it is working fine now. As far as my comments on solo travelers, they pretty much can apply to both men and women, except for possibly more of a security issue for women alone, and that is true whether you travel or live in a stix & brix house. Solos have ALL the jobs to do, outside and inside, and so they miss not only the sharing of the journey but the sharing of work as well. For me, personal freedom carries a high value as well as a moderate cost. That's my opinion, and if yours differs I would like to hear about your experiences.

I still have the ceiling fan in my kitchen but the light must have burned out and I can't figure out how to get to the bulb. I need to figure that out today as I need all the light I can get in the late afternoon when I'm cooking.

Jeannie stopped by yesterday evening with a gift for Valentine's Day - a box of chocolate covered strawberries made by Donald. I ate two of them when she left, and had two more for my lunch today (fruit is beneficial!). I'll polish them off by tonight.


  1. You are sure well disciplined when it comes to chocolates. They would have all been gone within half an hour if I had them. Good for you!

  2. I have some collard green and don't have a clue how to cook them. Any tips?

  3. I think chocolate and fruit are beneficial aren't they? Those are beautiful as well!

    I love chard. Have you gotten the rainbow kind. It's lovely tool.

  4. That red chard looks beautiful. Eating those greens will put a spring in your step, so nutritious. Grew some collards in a container on my deck, very easy and so good. You can dry the leaves in the microwave and sprinkle it in soups and salads or freeze it. Solo traveling for women seems to be picking up these days. If you like living alone, you would probably prefer traveling alone.


  5. Do you mix the greens for a salad? I love kale but haven't tried red chard

    looks deeeelicious...

    And, well not to mention the fruit... ;)

  6. I enjoyed our visit. The Chard is great I grew that when I lived in my mobile home before full timing. I too would have devoured those strawberries.

  7. That's by far the best way to eat fruit in my opinion. Or anything else. Well maybe not everything.