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Monday, February 6, 2012

An afternoon with granddaughters

Donald came by with the girls and they entertained me while he installed the range hood. It looks so nice and matches the stove perfectly. I was surprised when I read the box and found it came from NuTone Corp. in Cincinnati. We didn't live far from NuTone when I lived in Cinti., and I'm very happy to hear they are still up and running, and also very happy to have one of their products.

I had gathered all my papers to be shredded, and had them ready for the girls to do. After they finally had all the shredding done, I decided to empty the strips of paper into the bag containing newspapers to be recycled. They helped me and got so into the spirit of grabbing big handfuls of shredded paper and stuffing it into the bag, that I had paper shreds all over. They enjoyed picking that up as well, and I'm happy to have provided them with something to do. They are so much fun.

Donald got on the roof again to see where the leak might be coming from that has been driving me nuts. He added a bit more caulk around the window, but doesn't think that is the source of the leak this time. It may be one of those things I will never figure out, but with rain predicted for tonight & tomorrow I will see if I'm still getting water around the window.

There is an area across the bike trail that has light industry, and sometimes I can hear the noise but most of the time I can just ignore it. Today some kind of heavy machinery has been running that is loud and sending out vibrations that can be felt. Every time I get too aggravated I just tell myself I'm glad that there are jobs for the guys who work there. It almost makes me forget about the annoyance (but not quite).

This morning I walked around a loop in the park that is probably just a smidgen under 1/2 mile. I could have kept going and walked around another loop, but figured I should take an easy start and then increase the distance and pace little by little. I was probably walking close to 4 mph, which I consider adequate for me, and there is room to speed it up a bit in the future. Now several hours later, I'm glad I stopped when I did because I can feel aches in muscles I am not used to using. I also did my weight lifting exercises before breakfast, so I'm hoping to get in decent shape soon. Gotta get ready for bikini weather, ya know.


  1. Didn't know you lived in Cincinnati. I grew up in Dayton.
    We were practically neighbors.

    Love your fun with the granddaughters. They entertained you. I thought that was great. In fact, you cleverly got them to help you do something that needed doing. Well done!

    And good job on the exercise. You'll be in that bikini in no time. But I won't be in one with you despite my exercising. :-)

  2. My rock n roll shoes do work some other muscles...Sometime when you're in a store, try some,,then try to stand still,,,lololo.

  3. A masseuse once told me to take very hot soaks after exercising to keep muscles from aching. It has really worked for me. Have fun getting in to bikini shape!

  4. Sounds like a great start to the exercise program:)

  5. Good going Gypsy. keep on truckin!

  6. You're about to inspire me! AND my little g'daughter is here... ;)