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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little at a time

That's the extent of my painting. Just doing a little bit that I neglected when I originally painted the bedrooms, including the doors on both sides. For the small bedroom I had just enough paint - I remember this was the room where I knocked over a roller tray I had just filled, and it was wasted. I think there will be enough on the bottom of the can to do some touch ups from where I've propped the a couple of closet doors against the wall. Now if I can get Jeannie to help me hang the closet doors I'll be happy. We took the door off that was on the outside of the track, and I was able to paint the inside door from top to bottom without removing it.

Normally I am so virtuous about what I eat - healthy, fresh foods - but today a little devil directed me to go into Raley's and buy a package of Nathan's hot dogs, a can of chili con carne, and a package of hot dog buns. Oh, and a case of Miller Hi Life (it was on sale). I refuse to read the fat content of the hot dogs. Once in a while I eat bacon or a couple of hot dogs, but a package of 8 indicates that I will ultimately eat all 8!

Several readers commented that they tape TV shows and then fast forward through the commercials. Since I have an old fashioned TV and no recorder, I can't do that. I'm glad, however, that I am using this TV - it gets a great picture and is just about the perfect size. I have mentioned before that I don't like the width of the new screens because they are shortened vertically and seem to me to distort the picture. That's in my mind whether they do or not. Someone told me, well you can see more on the sides (I think referring to football games, which I don't watch anyway). If the screen is stretched so that you can see more on the sides, then you must be missing something at the top and/or bottom, and if not, then the picture is distorted. Thus spake Zarathustra!

I recently heard an interesting explanation of how "Captcha" came into being. Captcha is one of the word verification schemes, but it isn't the one blogger uses. I believe the person explaining Captcha was from Google and talking about scanning books into e-book form. When they tried to scan very old books the print was not recognized by the software, although a human can normally read it. The Captcha program was designed to "capture" a random word from some of the old volumes, plus a "regular" word, the theory being if you get one correct then the other one is probably correct as well. In this way they somehow transfer them into the recognition software, and print from older books can be translated into e-book form. In this way, the users of Captcha are doing them a big favor by getting the words correct.

I'm hoping that whatever scam program is attacking blogs will not be able to answer the word verification and thus will be unable to make it to my blog. These scammers are sort of like squirrels though, and no matter how you try to keep them from getting into the bird feeder, it doesn't stop them for long until they figure out another way to get what they want.

It's time to take the dog for a walk, and I haven't even been able to take a nap today. I've been enjoying a snooze on the couch for several days in a row, but it changes my sleep patterns at night. I awoke after 3 am this morning to the sound of rain and couldn't go back to sleep. I always liked hearing the rain hit the roof, but NOT in an RV and certainly NOT in this mobile home. Maybe the mobiles that have shingle roofs would be okay, but if the noise from the rain isn't bad enough on a metal roof, the sound of drips after the rain stops is even worse.

This morning I noticed quite a few seagulls flying in circles over the walking trail. I haven't before seen them here, although the athletic fields next to the local high school has always had them. I always thought it was interesting how thousands of birds seem to be facing in the same direction, sort of like they are having a beatific vision. This afternoon the gulls are still soaring over the park, although not on the trail. I also heard mourning doves on my earlier walk, which I haven't yet heard in this neighborhood. On some mornings there is so much beautiful birdsong, although on other days there is barely a chirp here and there. I'm ready for spring!


  1. I'm thinking of frying up a split hotdog in a frying pan tonight. You can count on one hand how many hotdogs I eat in a year. :)

    I find the cost of my DISH worth it for just being able to record and skip through the aggravating commercials. We all have our different priorities.

  2. I so love hot dogs. I would eat the whole package of 8 also. The birds must really have loved that rain that drove you crazy with dripping.

  3. I can eat a pack of hot dogs raw!! I know it is not good so I restrain myself and hardly ever buy some. I like the chicken ones best. Don't even remind me!!!
    Hope you get your painting done soon so you can relax.

  4. For the first time in ... can't remember... I had a hotdog.

    My husband wanted some with kraut. I hate buying them because of all the nitrates and such... but Oscar Mayer has some without!!!

    I still wouldn't eat them but about an hour ago... they well, I had two.


    jeeeez they were good. How can you be an American and not have a hot dog now and then...

  5. I like my hot dogs boiled in water. Not fried & not BBQ'd.

  6. But what about the beer? To many folks that is a way bigger sin than a few hot dogs.... Now not to me anyway, but I point out that being bad is in the eyes that are viewing......

  7. If you try an HDTV with HD service, you will be amazed with the picture (with HDMI cable only).
    It's not distorted but pretty amazing. Was a skeptic myself at first. The HDTVs are really coming down cost wise and some have wireless internet connection now. You could become a real couch potato especially with those hot dogs and beer. LOL! Virginia