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Friday, February 3, 2012

Returning things I bought

While I was waiting for the kitchen floor to dry I decided to return some items I bought earlier in the week. First stop was Home Depot - the gal. of paint I bought was the version that included primer - a mistake by the guy who waited on me and which I didn't notice until I got home, and a flat enamel when I need satin enamel for the kitchen - my mistake. HD took the paint back, no questions, and refunded the full amount. I went back to the paint dept. and got the paint I wanted. I also needed just a little more paint for the door in my bedroom, so I bought a quart of that.

Then to Petsmart where I returned the glucosamine I had bought for Lady. She is taking one of my tablets with no problem so far. I had several comments on this, including one suggesting I use a marshmallow to conceal the tablet. I looked for marshmallows but couldn't find them, which is undoubtedly because I can't see a product unless I am standing right in front of it, and can't read the aisle signs which they hang in the middle of the aisle so I can't read them from either end. As long as she does ok with my glucosamine tablets I will give her one a day as it is about half the price of the doggie version.

The sunset last night was exceptional. Every clear evening I watch the western sky from my living room, and the sunset each evening is more beautiful than the last. I haven't seen anything to beat it, even in Arizona.

I misplaced part of the nylon do-thingy that holds the closet doors on track, for two sets of doors. I bought a replacement at HD and hope it works out, so I can hang the darn doors back up. One of them has a big, heavy mirror that I took down when I painted, and I want to get that back up and out of the way. It will be nice to be able to walk around the small bedroom for a change. As it is I have to carefully make my way around boxes, the mirror, and various hardware items plus my tool box.

So my house is still half sow's ear, but increasingly becoming a silk purse. I seriously doubt it will ever look like a silk purse, but close is good enough for me. I still can't get over my good fortune in getting this place.

The beautiful sunny weather is speaking to me - "camping trip, camping trip". It is still cold at nights, though, so I won't jump the gun. I'm starting to think about my trip to NY in April and wonder which route I will end up with. When Bill (my ex) died in 2007, I set out with my granddaughter for Cincinnati where he was buried. The rest of the family went by plane, but they sent Ara with me in the Jeep knowing I would probably drive straight to North Carolina if I was alone. We started out on I-80 in early April and ran into closure of the interstate at Rock Springs, WY. I would like to spend a couple of days in Rock Springs, but during a snow storm and knowing I had a funeral to get to made it almost a nightmare. When we finally got word the interstate was being opened up, my battery wouldn't turn over. Thankfully AAA arrived within half an hour, and had me going on my way. So I don't trust April for cross country travel, and going the southern route would definitely be out of my way. I want to spend a few days in NY getting rested up, and then will drive with my d-i-l and 2 grandsons to PA for Ara's graduation from college. It will all work out.

I'm still up in the air about the cell phone issue as I don't have to make a decision right away. While pay-as-you-go would probably be a great choice, I also want a simple phone with no additives! Jitterbug is the only phone I've ever seen so far that has no buttons on the outside of the phone which tend to get pushed by mistake just carrying it, it has no camera, and what few buttons there are have clear marking with NO ICONS. The number keys are large and clearly marked, and it just appeals to me. I want something simple and not hi tech. If I ever have an emergency and need help, I can call the operator (always located in the US) who will get assistance for me.

As one reader suggested, I will have to make sure which carrier is used for whatever phone I decide on. I have had unsatisfactory experience in many places with AT&T as the carrier. I've never used Sprint, and Verizon has been superb, so far, although it does have some dead spots, especially in the west.

I intended to write a short post today but it looks like I've gone way over the mark. Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. I use a little old flip phone that I had them turn off every thing except voice phone calls, it is a phone, right? BTW, I USE Verizon and would not change.

  2. I, too have been with Verizon for many years. Only have a flip-phone, and I made sure that it has big letters. It's only turned on when I leave the house. There is nothing so earth-shattering that it can't be left on my answering machine at home. Mine does have a camera, but I don't use it, or the voice mail. It is just used as an emergency phone, and it just costs $20 a month.

  3. I've never heard of a person other than you falling into the deal you did about the house either.

  4. You were very lucky with your house and hopefully you will have it in ship shape soon. Good luck with your choice of phone. So far I am happy with mine. It cost $ 20.00 a month for 100 anywhere in Canada anytime minutes, 50 text messages and nights and weekends free calls. I will make sure I won't go over. Probably never use the messaging.

  5. The story of how you got your house is still just amazing...

    I have AT&T with an iPhone and love it. My husband has Sprint... he says for interstate travel, Sprint has better coverage. He's had Sprint for years - he's a truck driver.

    I tried Sprint but it didn't do well off the main interstates which is how I like to travel.

    I've had mine so long now but don't carriers still post their coverage areas? I had to fix that roaming business... got lots of unexpected charges in the beginning.

    We've had unlimited coverage with no roaming charges for so long that it might be the norm nowadays....

  6. As long as you love your home, that is all that matters. And from the pictures you've posted it's really looking good. We like Verizon - best nationwide coverage we've found.

  7. I live up the road in citrus heights and love metro PC real nice flip phone had it almost 2 years ever since changing from att after 18 years, all I have is calls and it also has text which i don't use,really think if you need to talk to someone call them thats what I have the plone for.. don't need to text my stock broker,,
    Flip phone text GOD I still remember that nun saying ok class get out your #2 pencil.. sorry got off track Metro PC $40.00 per month including all taxes no extras call anytime I have used in FL. & AZ never had a problem, check them out....

  8. I see you have lots of choices on phones,,,lololol. GL. When will you get your eyesight back all the way? Seems like it's been a while already. Can't wait to see pics of your home improvements,,,

  9. I found this article in the AARP magazine.


    It tells about the different sorts of plans you can choose from, with the pros and cons for each.

    Virtual hugs,