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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baking Cookies!

I bought a huge 72oz bag of Nestle's chocolate chips at Costco about a month ago, plus a 2# bag of pecans. I got the ingredients to make cookies together two or three days ago and decided I'd have to put them all away if I didn't make the cookies soon. I tried something new - making my own brown sugar - with white sugar and molasses. It is so much more flavorful than the boxed brown sugar I've always used, but it made the texture of the cookies just a tad different. They are so good and I quit counting how many I've eaten today. Of course I ate some from each batch to make sure they were ok, and then had to bring a plate into the living room to go with my afternoon "tea".

Speaking of afternoon tea, the term has an entirely different meaning in Ireland and the UK. I was invited to someone's house at 4pm for tea shortly after I got there. I was expecting a cup of tea and some conversation, and walked into a full meal! And of course the cookies are called "biscuits", which I couldn't ever get used to. Biscuits are what my Kentucky grandma made to perfection, to be eated warm with butter and jam. But late afternoon or early evening tea usually means a full supper.

It was difficult for me when I returned from living in Ireland to get back to the American words for things - I no longer call a truck a "lorry", nor is an elevator a "lift". I still refer to catching a ride somewhere as "getting a lift". I will never ever forget asking a pub owner how to go about getting a "ride" to town. He looked me in the eye and said "Marta, don't EVER ask anyone to give you a ride". And I never have. There were many differences in words as well as pronunciation, and sometimes I retained my Americanisms "just because".

I did some trimming of the ugliest rose bush I've ever seen, and Lady enjoyed being out on the porch watching the world go by. It's amazing how she can lie in the sun with all the fur she has, but I suppose it is an insulator for heat as well as for cold. I went on to trim some dead ends off a couple of plants I'm not familiar with, and got stuck by the thorns enough to draw blood. I have come to the conclusion I dislike succulents, except for the aloe plant. I much prefer flowering plants.

Today has been a beautiful one. Although my desktop weather says it is 64F, it feels much warmer outside. I think I will go put some fresh sugar water into my hummingbird feeder now, and then savor the afternoon sun. I'm continuing to add a couple of blocks to my morning walk each day, and my legs can certainly feel it. I could go for a jacuzzi about now.


  1. Mmmmmmmm chocolate chip cookies. I always have trouble getting them in the oven. I just love to eat the dough.

    Loved your recall of "tea". I worked closely with an Australian man and he always called his wife in the afternoon to see what was for tea. Makes me smile. I really liked them all.

  2. Could you send me some of those cookies for when my grandgirl visits next week? :)

  3. oh baruther.... warm chocolate chip pecan cookies....

    If I weren't fat? I'd have warm chocolate chip pecan cookies by my side at all times.

    If I should find out I have a limited time to live... I will hire a caterer and they will make me warm chocolate chip pecan cookies each hour.

    With the gaps filled in with lemon condensed milk icebox pie.


    fresh from the oven coconut cream pie.

    and some maple pecan fudge and warm brownies with pecans and topped with vanilla ice cream.


  4. Being in Canada and having British and Scots parentage I have to smile at your post. A wonderful young British lady came into my life, when I was much younger, through friends and I asked her if I could see her the following Saturday. She said sure,knock me up about eight.

    I had to explain that we didn't usually make an appointment for that and explained what it meant here. The look on her face was a classic and she said, Oh my God. that explains the looks that people have been giving me when I said that.

  5. one word:

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Funny that you talk of pecans, as yesterday, I too was baking but made cinnamon buns with a yellow cake mix, pecans, brown sugar, raisins, cranberries, cinnamon and lots of butter with a vanilla cream/orange frosting. Happy tea time!


  7. Gosh!! Never knew you could make your own brown sugar.
    I had an aloe vera plant that bloomed!! Had 2 witnesses,,lol. It put out long stems with yellow flowers. Only one i ever saw.