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Friday, February 24, 2012

Shock at the fuel pump!

I haven't fueled up for several weeks; the last time I paid $3.459, and today it cost $3.959/gal. I don't believe what is reported as the reason for this kind of increase. The higher the price, the more the oil companies profit, and if there was a genuine shortage we would use less (which we are), and companies would make less. It just doesn't make sense.

I got the cleaner I need to start on my kitchen walls, ceiling and cabinets, but I need to muster up some energy. Maybe this weekend instead of sitting in front of the TV watching BookTV, I will work in the kitchen and turn the TV up enough to hear BookTV. The past two weeks I have had no energy and very little motivation, so I'm hoping a project will get me going.

I filled a prescription this morning for eyedrops - I had been paying about $19 for 10ml of brand name drops. I received a letter from Blue Cross telling me they would pay what they did for my first refill this calendar year, but now that the coverage has changed I will have a 75% copay for non-generic prescriptions. I'm not fighting that so I switched to the generic, for $2.69 for 10ml. I have no idea what the brand name would now cost. I'm still trying to figure out how I can work in a trip across the border for meds on my way to NY, but it's so far out of my way I really hate to do it. I'd pay way more for the extra fuel, but at least I wouldn't have to jump through the hoops required to get the doctor to write the Rx to begin with.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here, reaching about 71F. It's interesting to me to see the way the track of the sun changes through the seasons. Sitting in my recliner I can now see the sunset, whereas a few weeks ago I had to get up and move a few feet to see it. As always, the sunsets here are always magnificent. I thought they were beautiful when I was in Ireland watching the sun set over the sea, but that was nothing compared to Sacramento, CA. Who woulda thunk!


  1. Yep, with the rapidly escalating prices we can hardly afford the gas to get home so figure we just might as well stay right here capmped out in the boonies somewhere. That would solve the problem of having to drive all the way back here next November again:))

  2. not noticing the rise in fuel yet...altho we do know its there but being from Canada its still cheaper...funny how generic drugs are the same or do the same job as the brand name..but are so much cheaper..it amazes me...

  3. Gypsey, I filled my truck up yesterday morning at $3.99 gal/diesel. I came back, today, passed the gas station and it was 4.05.

    Ask your druggist what your prescription costs without insurance. I almost fell over last year when I found out mine cost less.

  4. Between the insurance companies and the oil companies and their lobbies there isn't much of a way us little guys can stay afloat.

    I don't care if it does sound like socialism I think the corporations need some serious controls put on their top brass salaries and amount of profit.

  5. A news report this evening listed California has having the highest gas prices. I'm not surprised.

    This is really putting a different slant on my heading that way in a few weeks.... bummer!

    Some place in California, it's $5.10! Los Angeles I imagine...

    complete bummer

    The image of you sitting in your recliner experiencing a magnificent sunset is relaxing ... sigh

  6. I'm combating higher fuel costs by spending three months getting from MS to the Outer Banks of NC. Three months to be a bum!! Wahoo!

  7. On top of high fuel costs, rumor has it that some companies are actually "watering down" heating oil and gas, the boiler never shuts off, makes a mess and of course you pay double. Don't know about gasoline but nothing would surprise me. They just cannot make enough profits.


  8. Jim has three prescriptions that are the non-preferred and I have to figure out what we can substitute for them. Guess I'll try and do that tomorrow. What a pain.

  9. Projects always seem to give me an extra boost of energy. Hope that is the case for you also.
    Don't know where the gas prices are go'n, but it surely ain't down. Some of us that travel have to pay whatever price, so I rekon it don't matter.....just give up something to balance the changes.