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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Visit to eye surgeon

Dr. G. took out two more sutures which reduces the blurriness considerably. A little progress at a time is better than none at all.

We discussed how the insurance is refusing to fill the Rx for eyedrops until a certain number of days, which is set by the accountants or whomever it is at Blue Cross who determines these things. I told him I would like to get my meds from Mexico, and he confided that he gets his from Canada. I've checked the few prescription meds I take, and it would cost me much more to get them from Canada. I have a good insurance plan, although they are getting tighter on refills and how long they determine a prescription should last.

Do any of my readers get their meds from Mexico in the mail? I know you can walk into a pharmacy there and bring back a 6 month supply of meds, but I really can't afford to make a trip to Mexico. Just wondering if anyone has found a source they trust, and if so I'd appreciate an email response.

I have been feeling like a limp dishrag lately - I have cramps and pressure in my lower abdomen, right where my bladder is. I don't have any other symptoms, no fever or any symptoms of a kidney or bladder infection, so I don't know what it could be. I find I want to sleep a lot more and have been napping during the day, which I don't like to do. I also do NOT want to visit my doctor until and unless other symptoms appear. As I replied to one reader, the entire Medicare system would move towards bankruptcy with all the tests that would be ordered, "just to rule 'it" out". I don't feel like serving as a guinea pig for all their hi-tech equipment. Medicare has been the best thing that has happened for senior citizens, and it is going to fail because of waste, fraud and abuse by doctors and equipment manufacturers. My opinion - you may not agree.

I stopped at the Apple Store after my doctor's appointment, to see what could be causing a couple of problems I'm having, including not being able to see many of the photos posted on other's blogs. The tech asked me if he could adjust my screen and I agreed, but I hate it. Everything is scrunched to one side of the screen and all the print is greatly reduced in size. I can take care of the print size for some things, but this even affects the tool bar. My vision isn't all that great to begin with, and now it's more difficult for me to see, plus I don't see why I need a 17" screen if everything is condensed into 13" of screen. But I am a technological dinosaur, so what do I know. I may fool with it but then I'll probably screw it up and make it worse.

Finally, on a higher note, I witnessed a very nice thing this morning while walking Lady. A man and woman were approaching on the bike/walking trail, and the woman carried several plastic trash bags. She was picking up trash along the way, including old coffee cups, plastic bags, and who knows what else. I think it is so edifying to see a citizen getting involved in trying to make their area of the world a cleaner place.


  1. I'm sorry you are not feeling well and are having trouble with the insurance company. I had lots of problems dealing with them when I first went on retirement and on my own for coverage. How people can afford to stay well on the insurance companies time schedules and what they say they will pay is beyond me. I don't even want to go to a doctor any more because my health premium will probably go up. Of course they go up anyway, even if you don't have see a doctor! You can't win!

  2. I agree with Jeannie and with you also about waiting for more symptoms... although that's probably not the preventive measures we should take ... but then I hate tests and going to the doctor and all that stuff you mentioned!

    As regards your computer. It is a Mac? I know you're aware of holding down the command key and pressing the plus-equal key to make the print larger at any time then the minus key to make it smaller?

    Also if you go to the Apple icon in the upper left - click on that - then click on system preferences then in the hardware row click on Displays then work with the size until you get what you want…..

    I have mine set on 1200 x 800. You can also check the box at the bottom of this window … to display an icon on your menu bar that will allow you to access your screen size just by clicking on that. I sometimes will toggle the screen size depending on what I'm viewing…

    Hope this helps …

  3. You take care of yourself and I hope you get feeling better. Computer problems don't help matters, either.

  4. It is amazing how difficult they have made getting medical care. Between the doctors doing unneeded tests and the insurance companies not wanting to pay for anything, lots of people avoid going to the doctor just as you are doing. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a problem for you.

  5. so sorry your not feeling well...like you I would wait for more symptoms...I have a mac also and thanks to Carolyn I sure didn't know about the plus and minus keys...see you learn something new every day!!

  6. Have you tried drinking cranberry juice - supposed to be good for the kidneys and bladder. I finally got registered with Caremark today for the prescriptions. What a pain.

  7. After going thru bladder cancer and all of its surgeries and the like, please go get checked out and don't let things get out of hand if they are bad.

    The best part is that you will know what it is not when they get done, and that will be peace of mind for you and all the grandkids.... Rod

  8. I sure do agree about tests that either for CYA or extra profit!

  9. You are correct about all the fraud in the medical end of things. Of course fraud is rampant everywhere in practically everything. Not a negative way of thinking.....just a realistic understanding of the way things are in our society nowadays. Some understand that & some don't.
    Don't let your health get away on you. I have always had a habit of not going to Doctors either but a few things may be catching up with me now. At our age our bodies do not have a tendency to fix things on their own anymore........

  10. I hope you are feeling better by now. I know what you mean, I hate to go to the doctor, too. Sometimes, though, you'll end up there sooner or later, and sooner might be better. My recent abdominal pain taught me that. Hard to know when to make the call, though.

    I'm hoping for a good outcome for you!!!