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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shoes; roof

Yes, I bought two pairs of shoes yesterday (that is, 2 matching pairs). I just wanted to take fewer pictures to show them because I have such trouble adding pictures to my blog. I get the banner that says "Your pictures have been added", but there are no pictures there, so I have to keep trying over and over again. The Heflingers have cork soles, and both they and the Birks are super comfortable to wear with no breaking in period.

The roof fix seems to be working well after a day and night of heavy rain. There are no leaks in the laundry room/porch which is where the big problem has been, due to a botched up job of enclosing the porch to make a room. When I climbed to the top of the ladder to see how it looked I didn't have my camera with me. I need to buy myself an 8 ft stepladder so I can at least wash windows on the outside, and possibly see what's going on on top of the roof. I don't feel comfortable going up ladders at all anymore, especially the extension type ladders. I used to be so agile and nimble as a mountain goat. How did I turn into this old lady who loses her balance once in a while and can't walk straight some of the time? And has lost her peripheral vision and nearly runs into people in the supermarket, and hits the corners of the aisles with the cart when going around the end of the aisles?

Where I am having trouble turns out to be the living room window on the north side. I found a lot of damage to the paneling when I took down the curtain to paint, and now I know water is seeping in on the top of the window frame. I have towels along the windowsill underneath the leaks, plus and big water glass and two cups side by side catching the drips. I have had a significant amount of water coming in, and have emptied the glass and cups several times.

I really don't know what I can do about it because of the continuous rain. I would like to talk to someone (who knows what they are talking about) at Home Depot and maybe get a caulk or tape to put along the top of the window, but I just didn't want to drive out in the rain today and don't know if I can apply anything while it is raining. Then, how do I dry up what is wet between the inner and outer wall?

The cause of water damage on the opposite side of the room seems to have been corrected by the roof fix, as there has been no problem there.

The rain is a welcome event except for the trouble it's causing me with the window. I'm hoping that the Folsom Lake level rises (not sure if that's where our tap water comes from). I noticed the past couple of days that my clothes have a noticeable smell (and yes, that is the clean clothes). It was driving me crazy all day yesterday, so today I did two loads of laundry and took them over to the laundry room dryers with an umbrella to keep the rain off them. I normally can't stand fabric softener, the feel or the smell of it, but I cut a sheet in several strips and hoped the drying clothes would smell more fresh. I don't think it worked although they seem a bit better. I think it must have something to do with low water levels. It's not a terribly objectionable smell, but it's not very nice either. I haven't noticed it until now because I filter water through a Brita pitcher for both me and Lady, and I recently changed the filter. Without the Brita I would normally notice an odor when drinking water from a glass, the same as when you get a strong chlorine smell in some areas that heavily chlorinate their water.

The day has been pretty much of a blah, listening to the constant drip of water into the glass & cups, emptying them, and trying to get my clothes to be fresh smelling. Maybe I can get myself going early tomorrow morning and see what I can find to stop the drips.


  1. Without seeing it you might get away with simply laying a bead of chaulking along the outside window frame or You might have to install a piece of Flashing to end you troubles. Good Luck!

    It's about time.


  2. We all lose that nimbleness I think. I feel like a real dork at times. :(

  3. It is just amazing what happens to us little by little while we still feel like our same old youthful selves inside. The brain thinks one thing and the body thinks something else. Such a shame.

  4. You may want to try putting vinegar in your final rinse when you do your laundry. No guarantees, but vinegar is pretty good with odors. And a lot of other things around the home. We buy it by the gallon.

  5. Maybe you could use that eternabond (sp?) tape that is used on RV's to stop leaks. Walmart sells it. Direct some fans at the wet areas, this should help to dry it out.

  6. I understand the loss of nimbleness. drives me insane not to be able to crawl about to fetch stuff that's fallen under stuff.

    Bummer on the leak...

  7. I'm still OK with step ladders but have given up on extension ladders. Had to get myself rescued off my carport roof last summer when I stranded myself after climbing up there on an extension ladder. Know what you mean by once being as nimble as a cat.......

  8. Have you tried asking a family member/relative to give you a hand with the roof? Your peripheral vision is important when doing jobs in elevated places because you have to be able to keep track of where you are up there at all times. A simple miscalculation is enough to cause an accident or two. If you find it difficult to do the repairs on your own, you can consult a window contractor for that window pane that was actually damaged and caused the water to seep in.