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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thankful for family

I was at Home Depot at 8:30 this morning to buy caulk for the top of the window that leaked yesterday. I stayed up late, having to constantly empty the 4 tumblers I had set across the sill to catch the leaks, and every time I got up to go to the bathroom during the night I checked the glasses again. I wouldn't want many nights like that.

I asked Jeannie if I could borrow their stepladder, so they came by with it this afternoon. I thought I could do it myself, but Donald did the caulking for me, so hopefully the rain forecast for the next two days won't cause me any more trouble. He and Jeannie also took down the old range hood which was unbelievably greasy. I plan to clean and paint that part of the wall soon - I would normally do the ceiling before the walls, but since this one section has cabinets overhead I think I can go ahead and paint. Then we can hang the new range hood. I still need to get the dishwasher and a ceiling light fixture, and then I can paint the entire room. It's going to be tedious with all the hardware that will have to be removed.

I am so thankful for the help I have received from my family in getting this place livable, and feel I am getting there little by little.


  1. You have a great family. They are always there for you. You must be a wonderful mother and mother in law.

  2. Gypsy, we have been kind of loose on following blogs lately. You seem to have made a lot of progress while we have been away. Good for you. You are really investing yourself in this new home, and that's impressive. Like your new photo on the sidebar!

  3. Glad you got those drips fixed. I have a really hard time sleeping with things dripping, not to mention the damage water does to wood.

  4. Bet your family is glad to help, having you there now. I would be, if it were my Mom. Have a good day...

  5. Hope you got your problem solved! Yes, nothing like family...and also good friends.

  6. glad to see your leaks are hopefully fixed once and for all :) have a great week...