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Monday, January 16, 2012


I made a decision several years ago to not watch news on television or read it in the newspapers, but every now and then I look at headlines. When I watch TV news it is only the PBS version, which gave me a shock on this evening's program.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington DC was being featured, and the subject was the fact that one of the quotes carved on the statue was arbitrarily shortened and the context with which to understand it was gone. The announcer on the news show said, "The statue, which was carved in China . . ." I am outraged that we have to have our national memorials carved in China and absolutely do not believe there are no sculptors in the United States that could have done a better job. Maybe a U.S. sculptor might have made the face more recognizable as that of Dr. King.

If Martin Luther King were alive today I'm sure he would have something to say about the outsourcing of all our manufacturing to China, which has led to the great rift in economic status and resulted in a greater division between rich and poor. That applies to both black and white people, and if it isn't reversed in the near future we can just hang up any idea of our recovery to the nation we have prided ourselves on being. We can't be a great nation when people are lucky to get jobs in tourism, fast food, and big box stores.

Tomorrow morning Donald will be here to do the roof fix, so I will be watching the two girls while he's working. I made a quick trip to Bel Air grocery to get some things they might enjoy, but left only with a bunch of bananas. The store recently did a major remodeling, and I can tell you (and have written to them) the store is certainly not senior friendly. I came home and took a nap for a couple of hours.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I heard that the statue was carved by the Chinese. Just really don't understand it. And I hate, absolutely hate, when they redo a store or try to cram more stuff in the middle of the aisle.

  2. About the statue carved in China--I told my husband today that sometimes it seems like I'm an alien that got dropped down in a strange place. I just don't understand too many things that have happened in this world!! The Walmart near us is doing the same thing---completely overhauling the merchandise---putting in LOTS of different brands--many from Mexico. I do appreciate your blog; look for it every day!

  3. I would think if Rev King new where the statue was made he would turn over in his grave. There is a fellow in Houston that does huge stone sculptures and I am sure there are a lot more in this country that could have done the job.

  4. There are too many things to mention on your comment form that I am enraged over ... the China situation you mentioned is one.

    I tend to listen to too much news... I could rant for several comment columns... ;)

    My recent trip to the Apple Store was interesting. Out of four young men - three shuffled me off to someone else... HAhaaa... but I persevered ... that last little guy... I wanted to punch him out. I didn't.... but I didn't let him get by talking down to me either ... little turkey

    I've been messing with computers/technology before his parents were born.

    Don't mess with us old people... I'm retired and have time on my hands to complain... yep

  5. I'm afraid it is an unfortunate sign of our deteriorating times. China will probably take over this North America continent one day without firing a shot. We may very well be defeated by our own greed. Is it already too late? Could be if we North Americans continue to let it happen......

  6. Say - Thank you Mr. Obama!!

  7. Sorry Anonymous, but this decision to award the sculpture to a Chinese artist was made in 2007 and has nothing to do with President Obama (or even with W) but with the foundation which was charged with selecting an artist.

  8. The decision to have a Chinese sculptor create the statue of MLK was made by the MLK Foundation in 2007 while George W. Bush was President so the anonymous comment trying to blame President Obama is just another lame accusation.

    Since one of MLK's goals in life was to 'end all racism', I think he would be quite happy to know his sculpture was being created by a Chinese man emerging from decades of servitude to the Communist regime.

    It seems like you and some of your readers, still need to learn a little more about MLK's real message rather than resorting to criticism based on an artist's race.

  9. Everyone is entitled to an opinion Alice, including Gypsy. It was interesting that you accuse her of racism when her point and those of most of the other commenters was economic not racist. I don't pay much attention to those who post anonymously as their comments are often off-kilter. The foundation was entitled to make their own selection obviously; however,others also have a right to be concerned about the economic situation our country finds itself in.