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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nothing going on here

I'm just counting down until my scheduled surgery on Nov. 15th, and to tell the truth, I've been a little down and depressed for some reason. I think it is partly because I had such high hopes for getting things done, and it just doesn't work that way. My energy flags so I can't do as much as I'd like, and the flooring is dependent on when the guys can get together. The only room left to do now is my bedroom, but I still have boxes to empty so I can get some semblance of order to the house.

I bought a very nice and comfortable office chair, but after it was assembled in the living room we found it wouldn't go through the door to the office. The doorways to both bedrooms are angled to one another, and rounding the corner to the left and into the office is almost impossible. I don't know how I could even get a sofa bed in there.

One thing I'd like to do is replace the jalousie windows with double paned sliding windows. Half the window cranks are missing throughout the house, and the ones that are still there don't always turn properly. I thought I'd get one window to start with and have Joe install it. He replaced all the windows in his house, so he has experience doing it. He got up on the roof to wrap up the swamp cooler for the winter and took pictures of the surrounding roof. It doesn't look all that good to me although I will need to climb on a ladder to see exactly what needs to be done in order to explain it to the folks at Home Depot. I don't know what prep should be done before painting the roof, and I'm sure there is something.

I have contracted something that I hope is just allergies. I don't feel like I have a cold, but sometimes the symptoms for colds and allergies are the same or similar. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the dog hair I'm allergic to. If so I guess I just suffer it out. I sure don't want anything to delay my surgery yet again, so I won't say anything to the doctor about it. I use Claritin during the day and found some cough syrup with codeine which seemed to help with the cough and sore throat. If I really need it I take Benadryl at night to help me sleep.

Today is my daughter's birthday! I have a card and gift for her but am afraid to go near her family in case I do have a cold.

One of the things that has plagued me, especially since I don't see well unless I have plenty of light, is the fact that there aren't many light fixtures in the house. I bought a floor lamp yesterday morning and wondered if I could assemble it. Well I did, and it didn't take long, was easy to put together, and didn't require any bad language. I'm on a roll, I thought, so I picked up a shelf at K Mart in the afternoon to sit on the counter and hold my cookbooks. Whoa, I don't know who wrote the instructions but English is definitely their 2nd or 3rd language. The box sits here waiting for Donald or Joe to put it together!

I'm thinking about getting another floor lamp for my bedroom. I have a wall fixture but have to walk to the very back of the room to turn on the switch. I need something I can turn on and off easily when I go to bed at night. I also found a nice wooden 2-drawer file cabinet for the office, but it requires assembly. I don't think it was always like this, as I don't remember having to assemble everything I bought years ago. I guess they can more easily fit the boxes on the container ships leaving China than the assembled product.

I'm not sure when I'll post again as I just haven't felt like writing lately or even reading blogs. I doubt I could ever catch up with what everyone is doing. So I'll see ya when I see ya!


  1. Really missed you. Don't know if you will find this useful, but my son finds all kinds of goodies at the Goodwill stores. He does so much for kids, and he finds all kinds of things for not much of nothing. Just a thot. Some of them are new, for just a couple of dollars.
    I put a weight bench, with all the extras, together one time. had a book for instructions. Took me a whole day!

  2. Goodwill is a good idea, the items would already be assembled.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Wish we were closer. I'd send Jim over to assemble for you. He's good at that. Good Will might be a good place to go look. And just blog whenever you feel like it. And you don't need to go back and read blogs. Just check in on them whenever. We're here.

  4. Mama said there'd be days like that and I sure do have them. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other and keep on keepin' on is what I tell myself. Does anyone ever take their own advice???

    We'll all be here and you can read the blogs whenever you can.


  5. I understand the down and depression you speak of Gypsy. Some folks like yourself are honest enough to speak of it and I have great respect for that. I'll go with the other folks here on the Goodwill idea. I am a lamps kind of a guy and rarely use the installed lights in our unit here or in the Motor Home. Just found a small wall lamp at the Goodwill for $3 last week that worked perfectly in the Motor Home. Also understand your feelings about not reading or writing blogs as much anymore. I think some of us who have been at this for a long time are beginning to realize there just might be more to life than blogging and it may be time to move on and turn some corners...D'ya think:))

  6. I read blogs because I enjoy them, but if it ever becomes a requirement that I read all of them all the time, and I am not enjoying it any more, I'm outa here.........

    Anyway good to here from you!