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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally back to work

Joe came by with his two little girls this morning and we had a very good visit. When they left I decided to get started on the roll-out portion of the living room so I began shifting furniture around. I got the ceiling and walls washed and will paint a coat of primer tomorrow. I will need to start early so I can go out for some errands in the afternoon - for instance, a gallon of paint for the walls.

The other side of the living room which has the higher ceiling is not on my priority list just now. For one thing the vent cover for the swamp cooler is absolute filthy and seems to have lost one of the anchors or bolts that holds the cover in place. There is enough delineation between the two sections of the room that I can do one side and then stop and pick it up later.

I should probably be working on the kitchen since I received notice that the electric range has been shipped today. But the living room section can be done quickly I think, and will give some satisfaction to carry me over to the next project.

Donald brought a TV stand from his Mom's house this evening which works perfectly and is just the right size for the TV. She also sent a bread machine, so tomorrow one of the things I need to pick up is bread flour and yeast. I'm so excited to try it as I want home-made bread so much I was considering making it by hand. I know I would be unable to even lift my coffee cup for weeks if I were to do that!


  1. It must feel good to get more of your plans completed!

  2. Anytime I have ever moved anywhere new I have always enjoyed scurrying about getting things cleaned up, organized and cozy homey looking. It has always been a fun thing and I think you are enjoying the whole process as well:))

  3. Don't over do it too soon. Just a little bit of work each day. You don't want to run out of work, do you? (GRIN)

  4. Meant to ask you - how is the cigarette smell now? And kneading bread by hand would just about do me in. But the homemade bread sure does sound good.

  5. Not just the taste of that homemade bread, but the SMELL. yummm.
    I don't have one of the machines, but don't think i would use it. Rare that i eat bread, with this lap band.
    Can't wait to see the pics of all your work.