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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Floors nearly finished

Donald came over with the two girls this afternoon and went to work on the last room which is my bedroom. There are just a couple rows of flooring to go and since they require some fancy cutting around the floor vents it was decided to come back when the light is better. The girls were really good - they brought activity books to work in and Nana has the crayons and a few other things, mainly snacks. I make sure to have healthy snacks and drinks on hand for all the grandkids, and Jeannie joined us for the last couple hours. It's nice to have a place large enough to contain the kids, although it is much smaller than what they are used to.

Lady was her usual laid-back self. I had gone out this morning to replenish the supply of the wet food I add to the dry dog food. I haven't been putting much into her bowl because I wanted to take time to allow her digestive system to get used to it. I notice lately when I take her out into the sunlight that her coat is much more healthy and shiny looking. If the light hits her just right her coat is beautiful. It has to be the food, which is Wilderness Blue and is almost all meat. I brought home the giblets from the turkey on Thanksgiving and cooked them up for her, and she thinks she's died and gone to heaven.

I'm ready to get back to painting, so I think I will try to wash some walls and ceilings the next couple of days so that when Jeannie comes by I can stick a paint brush or roller into her hand. I want to post some pictures soon, but not until I have a room that is completely finished and with everything in place. That may be a while as I can't work the hours I once did.

My old home of Western North Carolina is expecting some snow and I wish I could be there for it. If you don't have to drive anywhere and can just sit back and watch it come down, it is a beautiful experience. My dog sure perked up when she could go out and romp in the snow. At least everyone should be home from their Thanksgiving travels during this storm.

I hope all the RVers who are heading for snowbird country have safe travels--good weather and good roads. Right now I am very happy to be where I am. Next year, who knows!

My burned hand has healed very well. The new skin is much younger and smoother looking, but it's a helluva way to get younger skin. I'm still loading it down with lotions several times a day.


  1. I think it is Wilderness Blue that we feed our guys as well. Kelly always searches out the best dog foods and what ingredients are in them and refuses to buy anything from a super market.
    Your place sounds like a bee hive of activity and it's always exciting to know the end result will be exactically what you want. And it's kinda fun with everyone busily working away together.

  2. When I lived in western Pennsylvania, one of the best times was a fresh snow. The next best was walking in a snow covered woods at night in the moon light.

  3. It's good to hear that you're feeling like getting back to the painting and fixing up your digs again. It will be a showplace in no time!

  4. I think it's great that you have family nearby that can give you a hand!

    Healthy snacks are good, but occasionally this grandma brings out the not so healthy stuff. :)

  5. Wooohooo, you seem to be well! Great! Can't wait for the pics.

  6. Nice that things are really starting to come together in the house. I bet Lady has more energy also as well as looking so pretty.

  7. I'm so happy your are feeling much better and getting ready to start painting again so you can finish up. I can't wait to see the end results.