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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A few thoughts

Regarding my post yesterday and my short-lived RVing career, I want to emphasize that solo RVing doesn't have to be lonely. I find that as an introvert, I need to recharge my batteries by being alone, but then I need an outlet for all the energy I have recreated. That principle remains the same no matter what my life style is. When living in Asheville I became very active in the local genealogical society and had plenty of projects to keep me busy, along with human contact which I needed as well. I also took courses at the local community college which kept me in contact with many other people, and I especially derived a lot of benefit from being around people much younger than myself.

Full time RVing was a delight as long as I was able to volunteer my time at a National Park facility. I had at least two future jobs lined up when I began having trouble with my vision, and had to decline both of them in addition to some other opportunities that came up during the next year and a half. I would probably still be traveling across the country with stops at the parks along the way. It is especially helpful for solo RVers to have something outside themselves to keep them busy and involved, and is a great way to expend energy. I'd like to urge anyone reading this who thinks they might like the lifestyle, to by all means try it out. You just never know how you will respond to a challenge until you take it on. But solos have to think carefully how they can balance their aloneness with human contact.

My current renovation projects should take me through the next couple of years, with time off for travel and camping now and then.

I'm doing a bit of cleaning today. I can live amidst a lot of clutter, but I don't like it when things get dirty as my kitchen and bathroom floors have done. The flooring in the vicinity of Lady's nest needs cleaning as well, although I've been keeping up with dust mopping and catching most of the dog hair floating around.

I had a terrible time with my eye most of the morning - it felt like something was in my eye and no amount of blinking could get rid of it, nor could the drops I'm using 4 times a day (even though I snuck an extra drop in around mid-morning). I re-read the papers given to me after surgery and noted that it is normal to experience what feels like grit in the eye, but it sure is annoying and it hurts.

After my disaster with frying bacon about 10 days ago, I decided to try doing it in the microwave this morning. One word describes the texture, taste, and aroma: AWFUL! I guess I'm giving up bacon for a long time.


  1. In a shot time you will be enjoying bacon again, and be back to normal, repeat that over and over in your mind and one morning when you get up it will be that day.Glad to see your recovery is progressing, if you need a qick recharge, try a couple of High Life Lights. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Sorry about your bacon. We like our bacon in the microwave. And I like the fact that it doesn't make such a mess. I know what you mean about recharging your battery. But let me tell you, by the time we go to Q in January my battery is going to be on overload and I will be so happy to move out of this park for awhile.

  3. When you go back to see your eye doc, you may want to tell him about any and all discomforts you are having. Sometimes they can be signs of somethng wrong, but in most cases it is the healing process. It will be so really great when all is healed and you can see again, but better.

  4. I thought Emma shed a lot of hair, but after meeting Lady, she wins that one hands down! It's Emma's hair that forces me to clean the RV more often. Yuck! I hate cleaning. :) Makes me wish I had a hairless Chihuahua...

  5. I hope your eye feels better soon.

    Microwaved bacon is on my yucky list too. I think it is terrible. It doesn't taste too bad done in a regular oven, but who wants to do that unless you are feeding an army!
    Maybe you could let the grease stay in the frying pan until it is cooler next time? You can always scoop it out later with a rubber spatula.
    Happy Tails to Lady, and Happy Trails to you. Penny, TX

  6. I'm a wannabe, future solo RVer myself and I found yesterday and today's posts very honest and helpful! I hope today's wasn't due to any negative feedback you recieved..

    I enjoy your blog, very much, whether you are traveling or not! I'm sane and rational enough to recognize that your experiences are your personal experiences. I am happy and gratful to have the benefit of them, and intelligent enough to recognize that *anyone's* experiences are a personal thing and learn what I can from them while knowing anyone else's, includeing mine, will be different in some ways.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, your time, and your knowledge.


  7. I so sympathize with you on your eye problems. I had a lot of trouble with an infection earlier in the year and could hardly open my eyes outside for the burning and watering. Why not give your doctor a call and make sure you have no choice but to just suffer with this grit.


  8. I'm missing your plans for Thanksgiving. With your family?,,Frozen dinner? lol,,Time for me to get outa here, take my dish down the street to my bro's house,,,

  9. try putting water in the pan before cooking bacon it will keep keep the smell down and grease from splattering all over

  10. If you haven't already, try the precooked bacon. Just a zap to warm in the microwave and its ready to eat, no mess and I think it has a good taste.

  11. I was hoping you'd like that microwave bacon, but you must be a true bacon lover. If you really love it pan fried, then the mess is worth it.

    Don't let the grit feeling in your eye go on too long. Even though it's expected, call you doctor to make sure everything is okay after a day or two.

    My BIL had a vasectomy years ago, and was warned of some swelling that might occur afterwards. He waited so long to call the doctor after the swelling started, they sent him to the ER, where he was quite the showstopper. Lesson: wait a little, but not too long.