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Friday, November 25, 2011

I've Got It!

As you know from my past few posts, I was told to take it easy for the first week after eye surgery. I've taken that to mean maybe the first 10 days or even two weeks. What can a person do when not doing anything? Watch TV! I've watched TV so much that my eyes might fall out, or more likely, I will go crazy from the commercials.

I prefer to learn things on TV, although I realize TV isn't there to teach (or to entertain) but to sell. But I play solitaire on the computer when they are selling things, so I feel like I'm learning new things - and becoming better at solitaire. My programs of choice are those relating to nature and to science.

Thankfully many programs are repeated an unbelievable number of times throughout the week and hearing them over and over again has allowed me to have several "Ah ha" moments. Science has never been my best subject, but I've become very interested in things like black holes, space travel, multiple universes, string theory and quantum mechanics. It's the last one that I thought might be the easiest for me to understand, so after watching the programs over and over I heard a statement that resonates with me: at the quantum level everything becomes possible--things can be in several places at one time. Now I know what happens to my keys and my glasses. They actually ARE in more than one place at a time, and that's why I often have trouble remembering where I put them.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I spent the day at my daughter's and didn't do a single thing - all the kids and their spouses cooked, set the table and cleaned up afterward. My eyes were really bothering me by the time I got home - I think light, both artificial and sunlight, bothers me even though it is absolutely essential for me to see very well. Today I haven't done one thing except what I had to.

Oh, and I ordered an electric range from Home Depot - they have the best price on the model I need, which is only 20" wide. I tried to order a new dishwasher but had trouble getting the order in. It seems they want to charge me a hunk of money for a "required install kit". I may begin looking around at stores that will sell me what I want. I prefer to deal with a person anyway but it is becoming more common for the big stores to want to sell certain of their products online.

Steve came by with Liam yesterday morning to check out a couple of issues I'm having with the house and to give me some answers and suggestions about renovating the kitchen. Here is Liam trying to get a reaction out of Lady.


  1. So cute... Liam and Lady!

    I love your subjects to learn... I believe I need to check out quantum mechanics... lol -- wonder if that's why I have to stand and remember why I came into whatever room for whatever I wanted.

    Whatever I came in for is somewhere else. I really need to look into that!

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving... sounds wonderful.

  2. I agree with you about all that annoying TV commercial nonsense and I do prefer the educational kind of programming that can be found amongst all the garbage. Our interests are similar as well and how great it is to think outside the normal boring stuff:))

  3. You would think STRING theory would TIE things together, but no way could it be that simple. In fact I don't believe that the people who came up with that theory really understand it (grin)

  4. Adding to one's knowledge is always a good thing. I, too, play cards on the computer during the commercials. And I usually mute them so I don't have to listen to them. Love the picture of Liam and Lady. She is being such a good girl.

  5. You've been reading too much DD,,,lmao.
    I read a book during the commercials.
    Way back, my germand sheppard loved kids, and acted like ur Lady. Let them wallow all over her. Love the pics too.

  6. I'm having the same trouble with sunlight and interior lights. They hurt my eyes but I can't see well enough without them.

    So agree with you that the purpose of TV is to sell us things. Glad you are finding something to learn there.

  7. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    TV is getting boring. They show the same things over and over and I don't get why some of the shows are on History or NG they have nothing to do with anthing related to the names of the channels. I have been spending more time on the computer or just listening to the radio as a crochet away. lol

  8. I love it now that I'm older and not doing all the cooking. When I have a dinner with the kids, they do most of the work. Nice!

    Cute photos of Liam and Lady. She is being such a good girl. :)

    I usually have my computer in front of me, too, when I have the TV on. I never watch the commercials. They probably get in by osmosis, though.