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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Accident prone

That's what I'm beginning to think I am. This morning I decided that since my cholesterol had dropped so low, I deserved bacon and eggs for breakfast. I fried the bacon and was attempting to pour most of the bacon grease into a cup when it sloshed out over my hand. It really burned my hand down to the wrist and over to the palm side. Dang, my aloe plant is at Jeannie's house, and she and her family are enjoying a 4 day vacation at Lake Tahoe, so I immediately held my hand under cold running water. It helped enough that I could stop to cook the eggs and eat my mid-morning breakfast.

I've since been resting with the hand wrapped in a wet towel with ice cubes layered in there, and it still burns like hell. I should probably have immediately driven out to buy another aloe plant, but I didn't feel like getting into the car.

Some of you may remember an incident when I dropped bacon grease all over the kitchen of my 5th wheel, and I sometimes think I shouldn't ever buy bacon again. But I love it now and then.

There goes all the odds & ends jobs I was going to do today.


  1. Seems like there's nothing hotter than bacon grease. I've burnt myself too, but just can't give it up. It tastes sooo good! :)

  2. Hi Gypsy:
    I used to do that too but now I buy that precooked bacon and I put it on paper towels and cook it in the microwave. No more burns.
    Hope it doesnt hurt too much.

    Kathy Rousseau
    Its about time

  3. I love bacon, too, but never fry it. I cook it in the microwave. Not precooked. I love the thick sliced applewood smoked stuff from Walmart. I sandwich the bacon between paper towels and cook it about 3 minutes. Works out great, and the grease is in the paper towels. Sorry to hear that you got burned. Know it hurts. Hope it gets better quick!

  4. We use a microwave bacon cooker. So much easier for me to handle and to drain into the bacon can. Jim didn't think he'd like it cooked that way but he was very pleasantly surprised. Sure hope it feels better tonight.

  5. Oh No!! I'm really sorry that that happened to you. I treat all burns with Manuka Honey but I don't think you can buy that in the States easily. Hope it feels better soon.

  6. Oh I'm so sorry your Aloe plant wasn't at home. It is the best for burns. I hope it doesn't blister.

  7. Vasoline will stop the air from getting to the burn and help with the pain!

  8. What a painful way to start the day. Take care.

  9. use 3 in one antibacterial on that as soon as possible or if you can get your Aloe plant. I know how that must burn.

  10. You can get aloe gel, in a bottle. That's what i use. But get the pure gel, not the lotion stuffs. And yet again, you can use menthol shaving cream, works great! East to keep.
    And yeah, i've done the same with that bacon...lol.

  11. Ask a doctor if he'd prescribe Silvadene Cream. Worked on a terrible grease burn that my son got as a teenager working at a fast food place.

    Hope it feels better soon.

  12. take care of that burn....better go get yourself another aloe plant!!

  13. Walmarts' "Great Value" Fully Cooked, Smoked Bacon. Precooked, precooked, precooked!

    I love bacon, but never fry it because it's so messy. When I heard about pre-cooked bacon that you cook for 15 seconds in the microwave, I didn't think it would be very good, but it IS!

    No pans, no grease, no splatters all over the stove. No mess. Layer in between paper towels. I cook mine a bit longer because I like it crispy - and it's really good for breakfast, BTL sandwiches, even just bacon sandwiches on buttered toast. Yum! :)

    Nothing hurts more than splashed bacon grease - I hope your hand heals soon.

  14. Cook your bacon in the microwave on paper towels...no grease to spill and comes out nice and crispy.