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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Visit to the house site

Today, Saturday, 8/21, we visited our new house site, and the construction is coming along very well.  The air is smoky from  nearby fires, but we were able to comfortably view the home.  This is my patio area, just outside my bedroom.  I will love being able to sit out on that patio and drink my morning coffee.

 Standing in front of my garage.  (Garage door to left of structure).  I have windows in my garage!  I think I've mentioned previously that the garage is going to be used as an art room by the kids and me, and will hold things such as my treadmill.

The house - my garage on right, and my kitchen, living/dining room, and bedroom behind it.  I will take pictures as the construction and finishing comes along, but this will give you a pretty good idea of what it's all going to look like.

My rooms are all behind the garage, all the way back, shotgun style.  It is small compared to the rest of the house, but is plenty big for Rocky and me.  I can use the living/dining and bedroom furniture that I have and won't have to buy furniture at all - maybe some lamps, but otherwise, I should be all set with a minimum amount to be purchased.

Jeannie's office will be upstairs over my suite -- you can see the three windows up there that will give her a million dollar view of the area for miles around!

This builder (Lennar) advertises the fact that everything is included, so you don't have to buy/add anything except your personal furniture.  I'm really looking forward to see the house completed and ready to move in.  Next time we are there I hope I can get more photos that will show it in a more finished state on the inside.  There is a closet that will hold a washer/dryer, and will be very convenient for me to use.  The kitchen space is small, but adequate, and Donald has helped me pick out some appliances that will be perfect for the space.  I don't cook these days, so I don't need an elaborate set-up - just enough to prepare my basic meals.  I also don't eat much, so I sure don't need to be bothered with a full, family-size kitchen!  It will suit me fine because I will have the space I need in my living and sleeping areas, rather than in the areas less important to me.  I basically need a place to plug in my coffee maker, and room for a small dinette set, plus cabinetry for food and utensils.  Oh, and a perfect spot for Rocky's dish!  And when I'm hungry, I will just go next door where my gourmet cook-son in law will feed me!

Speaking of Rocky, he's been limping this afternoon.  He won't let me look at his paw too closely, and I don't know what he did - if it's something he stepped on, or what.   I feel so bad for him.  He has certainly changed since he turned 3 yrs old at the end of May.  He no longer gets into things or destroys them while I'm gone, so I can safely leave him with the run of the house.

The Mom of a friend of Arianna comes by now and then, and yesterday she brought two of their four dogs with her, one being a beautiful black lab.  I just love the lab's temperament and easy going nature.  Of course they can find their way into trouble if not kept busy and challenged.

I mentioned the fires burning up in the mountains - we are getting a lot of smoke and skies are hazy, but so far they have presented no immediate danger to us.  We always pass a deer or two on the way up to the house site, and they don't seem to be skittish - the first time we drove around the nearby neighborhoods we passed a contingent of deer peacefully grazing at a crossroads.  I worry about the wildlife in the vicinity of fires, from deer to snakes.

Sorry to be so wordy this evening.



  1. Glad the new house is coming along. Once moved in you'll be able to relax and concentrating on getting better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I sure hope I do better. I'm tired of feeling tired all the time, and I will be glad to get back to the cancer treatments. They consist of an infusion about every two weeks, and since I have no problem with it, they can up the speed of the flow. So I have to sit about 2 hours with a needle in my wrist and that isn't difficult at all. I get no side effects whatsoever. I think the extreme fatigue is due to the disease and not the cure.

  2. That sure is a big house and I love the patio you will have off your bedroom for morning coffee. The garage will give you so much more space and a wonderful place to hang out with the kids to do crafts.

    1. That patio sure is the highlight of my "apartment"! Also the garage - I am so happy to have a space like that for things I don't have room for in my house, such as the art table and the treadmill. So I will turn the garage into a playroom for the kids and me!

  3. The house is all framed in and your in-law-suite sounds wonderful. What a nice and fancy office Jeanne is going to have.

    Your granddaughters are so tall, the girls sure grew up fast or I have been reading you longer than I thought...I remember when they were still children.

    I hope they are able to put out the fires soon.

    1. I feel like they have grown up very fast, but then, I have grown old very fast too! Yes, Autumn is taller than I am.
      The fires will probably do a lot more damage before they are finally put out.