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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Fire in El Dorado County!

I am not sure how close our new house site is to the terrible fire burning in the county.  I don't think it is in our area - my son, Steve, and his family live close to where we are building, and he told me the fire is moving in the opposite direction.  I'm not familiar enough with the area to be able to say one way or another.  It's a horrible loss of property, forest, and wildlife, but so far I haven't heard that there have been human casualties.  Fires are to be expected in  northern California in the summer, and I think it will be worse for the next few years due to the predicted drought.  I am currently in a safe place, but it is terrible to hear the planes flying over constantly, no doubt to get water to drop on the fire.  I haven't heard many today but the past 2 or 3 days there has been a constant run of them.  I'm not sure where they are getting the water as every source is currently lower than usual, and I doubt if they would use ocean water - it seems the salt water would kill every bit of foliage and wildlife it comes in contact with, and the fire is doing just that.  The flames have consumed an area we have always looked to for recreation, boating and camping.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful day here in Sacramento - temps this week are predicted to be in the 90's which will be comfortable as opposed to the triple digits we've had lately, and will probably return to before winter arrives.

I had to have blood drawn this morning for a couple of my doctors, including the cardiologist and the oncologist.  The results all look normal except for one that is a little outside of the normal range.  The woman who drew blood did an excellent job and I only have a tiny red spot where the needle went in.  I haven't heard anything yet about a booster for the Covid vaccine, but I've reached the six-month point and I hope to renew the protection for the next six.

My life has been so boring since the first of this year, and the highlight of this week will be a trip to Costco this evening.  I always enjoy walking through Costco even when I don't need or buy much.   


  1. I read an article earlier of a family that were lucky to get out alive. There was nothing left but scorched land. So awful, but she said they were safe and that was all that mattered to her.

    1. I think many people had to evacuate and I hope there were no hold-outs! Fire isn't anything to be messed with, especially if you live in the middle of a forest!