Eastern Utah
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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fire Danger

 I would estimate that I live about 35 or more miles from the area where the fires are actively burning.  The smoke makes things hazy, and because it cuts off direct sunlight it is a bit cooler than it would normally be.  Planes are flying overhead every 10 or 15 minutes, no doubt carrying water and/or fire retardant.  

I could cry when I think of all the poor animals and reptiles that can't escape it.  I haven't heard of any loss of human life as of yet, and hope those who need to will all evacuate safely.  Jeannie smells the smoke although I can't because I've lost most of my sense of smell.   

We are in the first stages of a predicted five-year drought, and can only hope that there will be a break in weather patterns that will allow us to get some much needed rain.  I have also recently read that there will no doubt be water rationing in our future.  I have always tried to be frugal with finite resources, but I don't think my kids got the message.  Those of you who are close to my age probably experience the same - kids today have no understanding of what life was like before telephones in every house, or cars in every garage.  No television, videos, or electronic devices of just about any kind.  We played outside nearly the entire day, and had to come inside when the street lights came on!  In a way, it's a different life for each generation.  I'm glad for the experiences as well as the deprivations I had though.





  1. I pray for rain there it is so terrible with all the wild fires. I know what that is like and the devastation they cause, deaths of wildlife and human lives also. Just pray for the fire fighters to be able to return home safe.

  2. We finally got some rain here in Montana. But my heart aches for California. Praying you get rain to help the firefighters get the blazes under control. I know my kid has no idea what it was like to not have things.