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Monday, August 16, 2021

Heat wave!

I'm sitting here in the pleasant morning drinking my coffee, but I realize the day is going to get hot.  I went to a weather website to check it out and nearly fell over!  The temperature for the next week, starting today, will be:

109, 110, 105, 102, 102, 103 and 104!   Then we will revert to a cool and more comfortable stretch of days in the upper 90's.  Probably not quite hot as hell, but close!  And it's dry as a bone.

Yesterday Donald drove us all up to see the new house in progress.  My son, Steve, his wife, Meg, and their two kids met us there and it was a nice get-together.  Their house is fairly close to where ours is, which will be nice.  The house looks huge to me, and it is large; I am going to love my space!  I couldn't take photos because Arianna is using my phone until her new one is fully activated.  How times have changed.  When I was her age we had one wall phone in the kitchen area.  It was opposite the stairway to the basement, and my parents got so mad at me because I would stretch the cord so that I could sit on the stairs and close the door for some privacy.  I'm sure I messed up more than one phone cord.  Now, everyone in a family has his or her own phone, with no cords attached!


  1. OMG...not sure I could survive 109. Do you get the humidity along with that heat?...We have had a very hot & humid summer here in Ontario and lake was warm enough for swimming in late May which is early....

    1. No, we don't have humidity and it is bone dry! That's why we are so prone to forest fires in the hot, dry season. Like you, I don't think I could survive 109 with humidity!

  2. As you know we have had those temps since May and right now it has cooled off but the humidity is so high you still don't want to venture out anywhere.