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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Things I should worry about

Of all the things I should think about when looking for a new place to live, I never thought I should worry about snakes!  But evidently I'll be moving into rattlesnake country, with a dog whose curiosity is stronger than his brain, sometimes!

I'm not too worried for myself because I really don't put my hands into unknown places, and rarely do much gardening these days.  But evidently, I need to think about it.  There is something the vet can give to dogs (and other pets, I suppose) that will protect them from lethal doses of venom.  They can get quite ill from a snake bite and will need to be rushed to a vet for treatment, but hopefully they won't die!  What a thing to think about.   Labrador retrievers are curious about everything, and would never understand that anything would want to harm them.  And of course my eyesight is deteriorating daily, but I'm not likely to be puttering around in high grass or weeds, although that's not a passport to be safe from snakes!  I'm probably worrying needlessly, but I should worry about Rocky and Tito.

 My house is filling up fast.  Donald and Steve brought a small truckload of furniture belonging to Jeannie to store in my house until we move.  One item that brought back memories is a rocking chair that Bill (my ex husband and father of all my kids) bought for me when Jeannie was born.   I always loved a rocking chair, especially when caring for babies.  Jeannie rocked her babies in it as well, so it has beautiful memories to me.  It's now sitting in my living room and I should be holding a baby right now!  I think most moms would agree that raising children can be a stressful time of life, but rocking babies is one of the most beautiful experiences. 

He just came back with a second load, and I'm beginning to wonder where I will put everything!  Now he's off for the third!  Rocky loves all the excitement.


  1. Lucky for them that you have the space they need to store their stuff. Then they will return the favor! Good to see you posting.

  2. I know lots of folks in AZ get the snake shot for their dogs. Goid to check with your vet. I agree, there is nothing like rocking a baby. The rest of the world just kind of disappears.

  3. Sure a lot of excitement going on at your place. That should keep you busy for a while. There is nothing like holding a tiny baby and rocking them. I had no idea there was a shot to protect your dogs from snake bites.