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Friday, July 16, 2021

Doggie Manicure

I am taking Rocky to get his nails clipped this afternoon.  He absolutely hates anyone touching his paws, so he has to be sedated in order to get the trim.  I feel so sorry for him as he looks drugged up and doesn't know what's going on.  His nails are totally black so the "blood line" isn't visible, which means they won't cut very much off.  I'll have to take him back in 3 or 4 weeks for another trim, which by then, won't show much of a difference.  Not driving makes it so difficult to go anywhere or do anything!  Cherish your eyesight while you have it!

I still haven't turned my a/c on but it won't be much longer until I need to.  The greatest thing about Sacramento summers is that it gets very cool overnight and the cool lasts until at least mid-day.  Usually.  The grass looks like yellow-brown straw, unless you water it daily.  I have concerns about water in what is predicted to be a drought year, so I don't water anything except my house plants and my tomato plants.  Most of the tomato plants are a bit "iffy", but I'll probably get a few to pick.  

Speaking of the a/c, it came on at 1:30pm.  And that's all for my exciting life today!


  1. Just had Fred bathed and nails trimmed he hates but deals with it and whines the entire time he is there.
    The A/C hasn't run much the last couple of days but the humidity is horrible.

    1. I have to give Rocky a doggie sedative before they wiull cut his claws! He's still "under the influence" several hours later. I hate to do it but it's the only way the nails can be trimmed. I would prefer them to put him in some kind of restraint than to drug him.