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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Another sweltering day!

After a couple of fairly decent days (under 100 degrees), the temps are going back up.  I might have a heart attack when I see my utility bill this month!  I would like to just use a fan to move the air in the room that I'm using, but it's probably better to just turn on the a/c.  I don't want Rocky to suffer either.  He doesn't even want to go outdoors during the day once it gets really hot.

Jeannie sent me a photo she took of the building status.  I think I recently published a photo of the foundation, and now it looks like walls are up for the first level.  There is still a long way to go just to finish the build, and then the interior has to be finished.  I really wish it would be ready to move in before the promised date of Dec. 21, but they've only begun and a lot more work will have to go into such a large house.

I'm glad to see the air looks a bit more clear today.  I went outside yesterday and couldn't believe how thick the smoke was, or whatever was in the air that looked smoky.  I didn't smell smoke, but many older folks lose their sense of smell, and mine is just about gone!  Today doesn't look too bad, but it's still early afternoon.



  1. Since it has been mostly over cast and raining the temps are to bad bu the humidity is way up. Also am already worried worried about my electric bill as last month it was a whopper already. Of course with this weather the A/C hasn't run as much as a few weeks ago.

  2. We stay at RV parks on the road, so we leave most of the electric bill reading to the owners and hosts.