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Thursday, July 1, 2021

A Bit of Relief!

After 100+ temperatures for a while, I think we will return to more tolerable 90's for the next week or so, at least.  

I've stayed inside most of today and just rested.  Yesterday I visited my cardiologist and ran a number of errands, including Costco.  My oldest son, Mike, and his two sons are here for a week, so he took me to the doctor as well as Costco.  They are managing to see some of the sights, including to the mountains tomorrow.  Rocky loves having them here, of course, and when Jeannie and Arianna move in tomorrow he will love it as well.  I believe she turns over the keys to her house tomorrow so she is there this evening to finish up cleaning and getting it ready for the new owners.  Between my spare bedroom and the large bonus room, I think she will be able to get their belongings in.  She is going to buy all new furniture for the new house, so she has already gotten rid of most of the old stuff.  

She has her name in for one of the next houses that will be built.  It's a very nice and very large model, with a good "in-law suite" that I will have to downsize to fit into, but I can manage with everything I need to bring along.  

I think I've reached the end of a long road of moves throughout my life!  I've enjoyed every one of them, but am ready to just stay in one place and enjoy a bit of leisure.  I don't know how much leisure I will have, with Rocky and Tito being next door to each other (Tito is Jeannie and Donald's dog.)  From the photos of the area Jeanne is looking into, I think we are going to love it.  When we move I will take lots of pictures to post, but I don't want to jinx anything now by showing them prematurely!


  1. Things are slowly starting to come together. My friend is moving from one motorhome to another and we were talking about how everyone should move every few years so they will clean out clutter. Our temps are also in the 90s and we're under a heat advisory. Just don't get these temps in Montana very often.

  2. Good to hear you are well with something to look forward to. Our heat up here was unbearable and without air conditioning it was brutal. Most people don’t have air conditioning because it normally does not get this hot. It is much cooler today and we are thankful for that.

  3. Nice to hear your son and grandsons are here and helping get you around. Boy things sure have moved along since your last post.