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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Still in the Game!

I decided I should get back on my treadmill, especially since I have a stress test coming up in a week or so.  I did my normal treadmill walk, 1 mile @ 3mph.  I did fine, and think next time I might up the speed a little bit.  I haven't walked for some time so I was surprised I got through the mile with no problems at all.  I'm not sure if I should up the speed, or walk a little bit longer.  I'm going to fly through that stress test!  It's been quite some time since I've taken one of those tests, and they probably do it differently now (everything changes, just to be changed, in my estimation) but I'm going to be ready for it!

 I sure have enough stress in my life!  My living room is filled with boxes and items from Jeannie's house, and it's difficult to walk through.  There are two big rocking chairs, one of which is mine, and I'm going to reclaim it when we move.  I got it when Jeannie was a baby, and rocked all my kids in it over the years.  My sister Julie was baby-sitting for me one evening and told me later than she rocked each one of the kids to sleep.  She then sat down in the rocker to see the dog looking up at her, expectantly.  So she said, "Oh well, come on up and i'll rock you too."   She was just a teen-ager then but so responsible and loving, especially to children and pets.  I could never have raised my kids without her!

Today and tomorrow are going to be miserably hot, and then it looks like the rest of the week will be in the 90's  (which is hot enough but will feel like a cold spell!).  To make matters worse, I think I read we are beginning a 5 year (or more) drought.  And I hate to see my electric bill for this past month, with the a/c running from dawn to dusk!

So if I sound like I'm always complaining about something, I probably am.  But things are going to change.  When I get through this stress test coming up, I'm going to refuse any and all tests from then on.  I just hate to have them hanging over my head, and hate going to a doctor for any reason.  I will not spend the future I have left worrying about my health and running to doctors to be tested for anything.  And I'm not going to do anything that doesn't please me!

I should be excited about the upcoming move, but I'm not.  We are scheduled to move Dec. 21, which is still a long way off.  There are other houses being built in the area of our lot, but it remains to be seen how friendly the other folks will be, and if there are any of them even close to my age.  I think I miss my mobile home and wish I'd stayed there, to tell the truth.  As the old saying goes, "Hindsight is better than.....!

I don't know if I mentioned that I will have a garage of my own in our new place.  I don't have a car to park in it, but I'm going to put my treadmill there,  as well as some storage shelves.  I think I'll enjoy my space, but there are still a lot of items I need to deal with.  For one thing (and please forgive me if I mentioned it in a previous post), I will have to get Rocky vaccinated against rattlesnakes.  I will also look into the kind of fencing that goes up about 3 feet and is supposedly rattlesnake proof, and can sit inside (or outside) my regular fence.  I sure don't want to kill anything, including rattlesnakes.  I just want them to find a safe place far away from me!  With several new homes being built in the area, I hope the snakes move on to a less populated place.


  1. It sounds like you are ready for the stess test! I often think I should just stop seing doctors:))

  2. I am definitely stressed out over the stress test as well as all other tests. I swear this is the last test I'm going to agree to! And yes, I don't see doctors very often because when I do, they seem to find all sorts of reasons to keep me coming back for tests. I was feeling a little "stressed out" when I got signed up for this test, but I'm NOT going to have any further ones!

  3. With your own garage, you will have like a "bonus room" and as you mention a good place for your treadmill and storage shelves.

    The weather network has been remarking on California's high temperatures and drought-like conditions. It made me feel so sorry for the farmers and their workers who will lose their jobs if their crops fail as many are. We as consumers will also see high prices.

    The "unknown" creates a lot of stress but like the champ that you are, I know you will survive this move and be happy in the end. Who knows you might meet a nice gentleman that is also making the move with his family.

    1. Haha! After being married three times, the last thing I want in my life is another man! No offense meant to all the gentlemen out there!

    2. Also about the farmers and their crops, with no rain in sight anything they've planted won't be able to grow without water. Many farms have sprinkler systems in the fields, but if there is no water coming in and it's all going out, we are in deep trouble!

  4. You will be fine as you are determined to pass this test. Putting the tread mill in the garage sounds like a good idea and it will be out of the way. I never hear of a snake fence, I never let Fred out by himself for that reason and of course coyotes. At night I use a high powered light so I can check out his area. I know this heat us awful and my A/C is running all the time to. Last bill was whopper and this one will be even worse.