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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Moving is a pain!

Jeannie & Donald sold their house a while back, and as I mentioned, Jeannie lives with me and Donald is staying at his Mom's house.  The girls go back and forth.  Jeannie had to move a lot of stuff from their house and garage because they sold their house so quickly, so my carport and house are full to the brim.  Little by little she is selling and giving away items they don't want to keep, but there is still a lot in my carport and living room.  Luckily I don't mind living in chaos for a while.  I can dispose of my extra items a bit later since we won't be moving into the new place until just before Christmas.

And I will have a garage, which I am happily planning to use for things other than a car.  My treadmill will go there as well as a few other things Jeannie won't want in the house.  I will have a very small space for myself, which will suit me fine, if I can use my garage space to my advantage.  My art table will also go into the garage - all the younger children love that desk/table, and I'm sure it will get a lot of use for years to come.

I know there are going to be lots of things I won't be able to move, but will face getting my possessions pared down during the next few months.   Right now Jeannie is placing ads for items she no longer wants, so I will wait until a bit later to try to dispose of my unnecessary things.  And I really don't like getting rid of things I've used and enjoyed.

I've been here for about two years now, and it has suited me very well.  I won't miss it when I'm gone, though.  The only place I've ever lived that I wouldn't mind going back to is my mobile home.  It suited Rocky and me perfectly, and the mobile home park was ideal for dog walking and friend-making.  But you can't go back, and I'm ready to go forward, probably for the last time.  It will no doubt take some adjusting on my part, but I am very positive about the move.

One thing I won't have and will miss is my fireplace.  I think there is a fire pit in the back yard area - don't know how it works or what it burns (wood, or ?), but it will be nice in the cool evenings.  So far we have only been able to view last year's model home, and I think this year's is pretty much the same except for being a bit larger.  I'm anxious to go back and see it again, and maybe take measurements.  And I will try to keep my mouth shut and not complain about anything!


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  1. When the move does take place you will feel like you've moved into a Mansion.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.