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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Now We're Getting Somewhere!

We still have a long way to go, but at least it's a start.  Jeannie & Donald decided on the model of house they want and have placed an order.  If all goes well, it should be ready to move in by December 21!  That will be an exciting week - I don't get excited over Christmas any more, but I'll certainly be excited this year.  Knowing Jeannie, she will manage to move in and get decorations up  quickly.

I will have my own "in-law" quarters, which consists of a bedroom that opens up to a private patio, and a spacious living area with a kitchenette and dining table in one part of it. I'll have a private entrance and a spacious garage (think - treadmill, storage, etc!).  It is probably the smallest place I will ever have lived in, but maybe that will help me curb my tendency to acquire and keep things I really don't need.

My current place looks like a disaster right now!  The kids sold their house and Donald and Autumn are staying with Martha (his mom), and Jeannie and Arianna are here with me.  Actually, the kids will probably move back and forth between their parents.  

You can only imagine how excited Rocky is about this!  My large spare room and also my living room and dining areas are filled with items from their house, and I think Martha's house is filled to the brim as well.  While I don't exactly like clutter, I have always refused to let it bother me too much.  Coming from a family of 8 kids, to raising 4 children of my own, I have always lived in clutter and noise, and I would sort of miss it if it all went away now.

So life takes on new meaning from time to time, and I certainly need a jolt of new meaning at this stage of my life!



  1. Sounds like real happiness on the horizon----and, meantime, no loneliness for Gypsy or Rocky with the current living arrangement. That is a good thing, for sure!

  2. All sounds so wonderful. When I had my last child we moved into our own home on Dec.15, had the tree up all the shopping done and had my daughter on Dec.21. and home on the 24th. What a whirl wind that was.