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Monday, July 15, 2019

Worth the Wait

I ordered a matching recliner when I bought my sofa 3 months ago.  The recliner finally came in and Donald picked it up for me yesterday.  I love it, although it makes the room seem a little more crowded.  I'll have to move Rocky's crate back to the big spare room on the other side of the kitchen.  Donald tried out my new Smoky Joe grill last night and while he was cooking Jeannie emptied all the boxes that I never got around to since I moved.  I really appreciated all the help.

Here is the new chair:  (Click on pic to enlarge it)
 It is really comfortable and power driven - the sofa requires manual operation which really isn't much different except when closing the footrest.  Sorry for the quality of the photo - I should have turned the light on.  I really don't think I get very good pictures with my phone, but to take them with the camera and then go through all the work to be able to transfer them someplace else is more than I want to deal with.

I haven't been feeling well lately and am not sure if it is the change in my living arrangements or maybe something else is wrong.  But when I had my daughter and her family here yesterday afternoon and evening, I felt so much better.  I think I'm too alone here - at least when I walked Rocky several times a day at the mobile home park I saw lots of my neighbors with whom I at least exchanged greetings and a few words.  Not a big thing for most people, but take that human contact away, especially when you get older and don't have contact with people at your job, or traveling as many of my readers still do, it makes for a very lonely life to which you can hardly find a purpose sometimes.  I still would never want to go back to mobile home park living however, so I'm between a rock and a hard place.  I love my living space here, and feel so at home , if I wasn't so isolated it would be perfect.

The weather forecast here  for the next 15 days calls for the high 90's and sunny.  I dread it!   If I could only chop 10 degrees off of the forecast I'd be much happier and way more comfortable.  Chopping  20 degrees off would be perfect!

That's all for now - it's too warm to even think straight.  Maybe I'll be back with more tomorrow.  I wish I could figure out what I do wrong with the photos.  If I take 6 pictures I'll be lucky if I can send one or two of them in an email to my computer account from the phone.  Why does the 1st one transfer when the rest of them won't.




  1. If there is a school or community centre in your area you could possibly find various interest groups you could join and meet people that way. For instance your interest in painting!
    I wish you good luck.

    1. Since I'm not driving anymore it would have to be something within walking distance, and I don't think there is anyplace that close.

  2. Are there any senior recreation centres in your area? Most communities have some sort of a senior centre with a variety of activities. Our Community Care in town has friendly visitors that volunteer & visit weekly. My Mom did that when she was in her 80's.
    My Mom passed away June 15, & it is strange not visiting the long term care home twice a week now. I am a loose ends for now and so regret not staying on the night she passed. She was 97.5 yrs old. And led a very active life, Enjoyed going in our lake here right up until she was 91. I am glad I have taken lots of videos of her lately..
    I hope you find something in the area that connects you with others.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you lost your mom, but it sounds like she led a productive and happy life, and longer than many. My daughter wants to start going back to the gym and asked me if I would join her, but to tell the truth I have so little energy lately I don't know if I could do it.

    2. Well maybe just go with her but don't exercise, just sit and enjoy being out of the house. Take a book with you. Was a lady up here who went to all the local card games with her partner but she didn't play cards. She took her knitting while still enjoying the company of others.

  3. Love you chair it really looks comfortable. I have turned my house into a cave to keep out the heat here. Just keep telling yourself it will be winter soon at least I have been trying that montra(sp)

    1. The only problem with looking ahead is that I know time is limited and I want to enjoy and be aware of every minute I have left. I just wish I felt better,

      The chair is even better than I had hoped.

  4. What a nice chair! You are so lucky to have family around that are always willing to chip in and help you out.

    I know you have eye issues but have you considered purchasing an inexpensive used car so you can get around on your own without having to depend on others to drive you somewhere?

    You could take Rocky to a dog park, meet more people and be able to go shopping on your own time table.

  5. There is a bus service here in our tiny town that caters to seniors and those with disabilities. For a modest fee (?$2. each way), the small bus will come to a house and take you where you need to go. Reverse to come home. There is an actual route, so it isn't strictly like a taxi service, but the buses are comfortable and the drivers are very nice. We used this service quite successfully when my husband was first sick and in a wheelchair for a few months. They have connectors to tie down wheelchairs to the floor for safety.

    You might also be able to walk to a store, do your shopping, and then call a taxi, shuttle, or uber to take you home with your packages.

    You could check with your local senior center as they sometimes have volunteer drivers to take folks from place to place, as well as scheduled day trips to nearby attractions or even on shopping excursions.

    Virtual hugs,