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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

We Love Chewy.com!

I think I'm hooked on ordering online from Chewy for doggie food, toys, and other items.  Today they delivered a feeding stand that raises up the dishes a foot or so, and Rocky doesn't have to lean so far over.  Seems to me like it would be way more comfortable.  He really looked it over and wasn't convinced until the sight and smell of the food was too much and he dug right in.  It takes up a lot of space in a small kitchen, but if it works for Rocky then it works for me!

While I was at it I ordered a  couple of toys - birds that have squeakers but no stuffing.  The stuffing is the first thing he goes for.and I'm constantly picking up pieces of cotton from the floor.

In a couple of days we will get a package from Chewy with a harness for him that I hope will make it easier to control him without hurting his neck.  He pulls strenuously sometimes, but supposedly the harness type restraint is better - it's a mesh fabric and I hope it's comfortable for him.  I also included a treat or two in this order. 

I'm kind of worried about those of you who live in the North Central part of the country, as it is predicted to get extremely cold tonight.  Chicago has been mentioned, and being right on Lake Michigan I would hate to feel the cold wind coming off that lake!   So stay as warm as you can.  I even read that in extreme cold, and if the power goes out, the basement would be the warmest (?), or at best, the least cold spot in the house.  Let me know in the comments how it goes, and I will be thinking of you.  That goes for all the north central states and up into Canada!

Once Rocky looked over his new  "Comfort Feeder" he dug right in to his dinner.  I have been wanting to make fried rice for myself, but if I don't cook it by Noon, then I don't cook at all.  I eat about every two hours from when I get up until about Noon, and then only snack lightly from then on.  Maybe tomorrow I'll make the fried rice, if for no other reason than that I can get the rice cooker off my countertop!

Have a good evening, and stay warm!



  1. I really feel for those people too. My friend lives in Wisconsin and she was here last week. Tried to get her to stay but she needed to get back. I sure hope they don't lose power it will be so awful.

    1. I've written to my brother in Wisconsin this morning, but haven't yet heard back from him. As of last night he didn't seem worried.

  2. I have heard nothing but good things about Chewy.com in particular from friends that do not have a car to drive to HEB or like myself can not carry a large bag of dog or cat food.

    I share your sentiments and concerns about those people in the way of extreme cold this week. Please keep warm.

    1. I've never heard anything but good about Chewy, and that has been my experience also. Plus their prices are lower than I've seen anywhere else.

      I just cringe thinking about homeless people who won't go into shelters for reasons of their own.